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Photographs hold significant or sentimental value for many of the characters.


Photograph First Appearance Owner Notes
Benphotobetter.jpg "The Man from Tallahassee" Benjamin Linus
Main article: Ben's photo

Photographs of a young, dark-haired girl (presumably Alex) appear on Ben's walls in his home at the Barracks. ("The Man from Tallahassee")
Emrog.jpg "The Man Behind the Curtain" Benjamin Linus A photo of Roger Linus and his deceased wife Emily. ("The Man Behind the Curtain")


Photograph First Appearance Owner Notes
SteveandKristen.jpg "Walkabout" Steve and Kristen Claire finds photographs of Steve and Kristen, who were killed during the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. Steve and Kristen were planning their wedding. ("Walkabout")
3x12-claire-as-child.jpg "Par Avion" Carole Littleton Photos of young Claire sits by her mother's hospital bedside table. ("Par Avion")


Photograph First Appearance Owner Notes
Descurrent.jpg "Orientation" Desmond Hume
Main article: Desmond's photograph

A photograph of Desmond and Penelope taken in front of a backdrop of a harbor holds sentimental value for both. ("Flashes Before Your Eyes") Desmond finds a copy of the photograph inside a Portuguese-language copy of Catch-22 which falls from Naomi's helicopter. ("Catch-22")
Camhawk.jpg "Catch-22" Brother Campbell A photograph of Brother Campbell and Ms. Hawking together sits on Brother Campbell's desk. ("Catch-22")


Photograph First Appearance Owner Notes
Ekoyemi.jpg "The Cost of Living" Yemi & Eko Eko finds a photograph of himself and Yemi as children in between pages of a Bible at Yemi's church, presumably at the last passage Yemi read before his death.("The Cost of Living")


Photograph First Appearance Owner Notes
Hurley without dave.jpg "Dave" Dr. Brooks Dr. Brooks takes a photograph of Hurley with Dave. After showing Hurley the photograph (which is of himself alone) Hurley realizes that Dave is a figment of his imagination. ("Dave")

Jin and Sun

Photograph First Appearance Owner Notes
Doc-jins-father.jpg "D.O.C." Sun-Hwa Kwon Photo of Mr. Kwon that Sun used to find him. ("D.O.C.")
Doc-jin-as-boy.jpg "D.O.C." Mr. Kwon Photos of young Jin appear on Mr. Kwon's wall. ("D.O.C.")
Sun-jin-wedding.jpg "D.O.C." Sun-Hwa Kwon & Jin-Soo Kwon Photograph of Jin and Sun's marriage, appearing in a newspaper. ("D.O.C.")
Doc-cap-gown.jpg "D.O.C." Sun-Hwa Kwon & Jin-Soo Kwon Photo of Sun graduating from college. ("D.O.C.")


Photograph First Appearance Owner Notes
Kate mugshot.jpg "Tabula Rasa" Edward Mars A mugshot photograph of Kate in a post office alerts Ray Mullen that she is a fugitive. The mugshot photograph of Kate in Edward Mars's jacket pocket gives Jack (and later Hurley) clues about Kate's past. ("Tabula Rasa")
2x14 Sam Kate Photo.jpg "One of Them" Sam Austen Sam Austen looks at this photograph of Kate when they drop Sayid off somewhere in Iraq. ("One of Them")

Note: This picture differs from the actual picture shown in the episode, which can be seen here [1].

Tom'schild.jpg "Born to Run" Tom and Rachel Brennan Kate spots a photograph on Tom Brennan's refrigerator of Tom with his son, Connor. ("Born to Run")


Photograph First Appearance Owner Notes
Coopertalbot.jpg "The Man from Tallahassee" Peter Talbot When Locke is visited by Peter Talbot, Peter shows him a photograph of his mother with her fiance "Adam Seward," whom John recognizes as his own father. ("The Man from Tallahassee")


Photograph First Appearance Owner Notes
4x08 Photo of Michael and toddler Walt.jpg "Meet Kevin Johnson" Michael Dawson This photograph of Michael and his son Walt first appears in Michael's Manhattan apartment. ("Meet Kevin Johnson")


Photograph First Appearance Owner Notes
4x02 grandson.jpg "Confirmed Dead" Mrs. Gardner This is one of many photographs that Mrs. Gardner keeps in her house. They are of her deceased grandson. ("Confirmed Dead")
4x02 benlinus snapshot.jpg "Confirmed Dead" Miles Straume This photograph is shown to the survivors when Miles reveals he is looking for Ben. ("Confirmed Dead")


Photograph First Appearance Owner Notes
Saca.jpg "Homecoming" Cassidy Phillips Sawyer looks at a photograph of himself and Cassidy at her house after he has robbed her. He sets the photo face-down before leaving. ("The Long Con")
CalderwoodsMug.jpg "Exodus, Part 1" Detective Calderwood Sawyer breaks a photograph mug belonging to Detective Calderwood, after being brought into the Sydney police station following a bar fight with Warren Truss. ("Exodus, Part 1")
Clem.jpg "Every Man for Himself" Cassidy Phillips When Cassidy visits Sawyer in prison, she tells him that he has a daughter and shows him a photograph. Sawyer denies paternity of Clementine. ("Every Man for Himself")


Photograph First Appearance Owner Notes
The Photo of Nadia.jpg "Walkabout" Sayid Jarrah
Main article: Nadia's photo

Nadia gives Sayid a photograph of herself with the inscription "You will see me in the next life, if not in this one" in Arabic.("Solitary")

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