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Lost is aired in the Philippines by these channels:

Broadcast schedules

Times are based on GMT +8 hours (SIN/HNK)

  • Studio 23 (currently airing Season 3): Saturdays, 20:30
  • AXN Beyond (currently airing Season 3): Mon-Fri, 02:00, starting May 12, 2008; Saturdays, 3-episode marathon starting at 03:00

Dubbed: No

Subtitle: None

Broadcast History

Lost first aired in the Philippines, in syndication, mid-2005 on the free TV channel Studio 23, which continues to air the series to this day. Soon after that, the cable channel AXN picked up the show and has been airing it, as well.

In 2007, AXN made aired the show's third on a two-episode block starting on June 7, 2007. On May 17 and 31, Studio 23 will finally air the Season 3 finale, "Through the Looking Glass"

In January 2008, AXN Beyond, a sister network of AXN began airing Seasons 2 and 3 daily, and on three-episode blocks on Saturdays.

Season 4 Broadcast

Season 4 will begin airing in the Philippines starting on June 10 on AXN Beyond.

DVD Availability

The DVD Box-Sets of Seasons 1, 2, and 3 are all available locally (Region 3).

In Lost

Season 5 featured a coastal town in the Philippines displaying a banner that reads "Mabuhay" (meaning "Welcome!" or "Long Live!" in the Filipino language). Desmond finds a doctor there, Efren Salonga, to deliver Penny's child Charlie on their sailboat. ("Jughead")

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