Visiting John Locke[]

Peter Talbot was a young man who sought John Locke's help for his mother when she was wooed by a suave con man named "Adam Seward." He told John about his suspicions about his mother's new beau and looked into Seward's past to find he once went by the name Anthony Cooper. With this, Peter found that John donated a kidney to Cooper, and used this bit of evidence to assume that, if someone were kind enough to give Cooper a kidney, he couldn't be all bad. John lied to Peter, saying that his act of generosity towards his father was an "anonymous donation."

3x13 TMFT peter locke talk

Peter Talbot shows Locke a photograph with a familiar face. ("The Man from Tallahassee")


Peter was found dead after his encounter with Locke, presumably killed by Anthony Cooper. Detectives Mason and Reed were assigned to investigate his death.


  • The casting call described him as "Young man - Preppy type, he is endearing and likeable." [1]

Unanswered Questions[]

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