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Peter Ross
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Impaled by a tree branch
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Peter Ross of Ajira Flight 316 was killed when he was impaled by a tree branch during an emergency landing of the plane on Hydra Island. While he was at the cockpit with the pilot, he told him that he recognized that the big guy they've got from LA was one of the Oceanic Six. When the plane hit heavy turbulence, he switched off the plane's autopilot. ("Namaste")


  • In the casting call, he was described as "Jack Ross. 30s, any ethnicity. A former air force bomber pilot who now uses his professional skills and unflappable demeanor to maintain order in a highly chaotic environment. He's smart, professional and competent. He keeps his wits as those round him in a crisis are losing theirs." [1].
  • The Lost Encyclopedia states his name is "Peter Ross".
Ross' death. ("Namaste")

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