Peter Avellino was a wealthy Italian man. He was shot and killed by Sayid on a golf course located somewhere in the Seychelles.

Connection to Sayid

Peter Avellino was a golfer who drove up in a golf cart next to Sayid while Sayid was taking a shot. Sayid seemed reluctant to converse with him, saying that they paid a premium for privacy. The man recommended that Sayid use a five iron to make the next swing, but Sayid insisted that his seven iron would be better. Avellino suggested a bet of fifty euros, to which Sayid replied "Let's make it a hundred."

Sayid strides away from Avellino's corpse.

The man asked Sayid what he did for a living. Sayid replied that he did nothing and lived off of a substantial settlement he received from Oceanic Airlines, because he was one of the Oceanic 6. Upon hearing this, Avellino became visibly nervous. Despite having won the wager, Avellino declared that Sayid didn't need to pay him, and attempted to leave. Sayid reached into his bag, calling Mr. Avellino by his real name despite not being told it - "I insist, Mr. Avellino." This caused Avellino to turn around, and as he did so Sayid pulled out a gun and shot him dead.

Avellino appears to have some link to the economist, inasmuch as they were both targets of Sayid. ("The Economist")

After Avellino's death, Ilana claimed his family approached her to apprehend Sayid and bring him to Guam for justice. Ilana did apprehend Sayid, and intend to carry him to his destination on Ajira Airways Flight 316. However, the plane crash-landed on the Island before it reached its destination, and Sayid time traveled back to the 70s, while Ilana remained in present time. ("He's Our You")


  • During casting, this character was named "Dante". [1]
  • In "The Economist" he was credited as "Italian man". Sayid called his family name.
  • His given name was revealed in "He's Our You".
  • "Avell" is an obscure verb that comes from Latin, meaning to pull or tear away.
  • "Avellino" is the name of a city in southern Italy, near to Naples.
    • The patron saint of this Avellino is St. Modestino, whose day is February 14, the same day the episode first aired in the U.S.
    • Andrew Avellino was a parishioner in the 16th century who had died suddenly of an apoplectic attack. After his death, he was made patron saint of sudden death.