Pearl computer


First introduced
Last seen
Found by
Used by
Locke and probably DI members

This computer was located inside the Pearl hatch. It had the same basic configuration as the Swan computer, with the addition of a dot-matrix printer. Locke discovered its screen to be displaying the prompt "Print log? Y/N". Upon entering "Y", the computer's printer output the log printout. ("?")


  • The Swan Orientation film stated that since the Incident, all protocol had been observed, meaning that the Pearl monitored the Swan in two ways: first by watching the participants on the screens and second by using their computer to know whether or not and when they have pressed the button in the Swan.
  • This was presumably the same prop as the Station 3 Computer, as evidenced by the Swan logo on the monitor.
  • In keeping with the rest of the vintage Apple hardware, the printer was an Imagewriter II, first produced in 1985.
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