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Paulo developed several relationships over the series. {{Paulo and Sawyer}} {{Paulo and Boone}} {{Paulo and Desmond}} {{Paulo and Locke}}

Nikki and Paulo
First Episode: "Exposé"
Origin: They were in a relationship in Sydney.
Since Then: They conned Howard Zukerman and killed him for his diamonds. At Sydney airport, they read of Zukerman's death and realised that they had gotten away with the murder. On the Island, they spent most of their time looking for the lost diamonds that they had stolen. When Nikki got Arzt to give them a map, they both followed it. The search brought them to the beech craft plane, which had not yet fallen. Soon after they both found the entrance to the Pearl Station, but they didn't enter. A few days later, Nikki and Paulo heard about the whereabouts of the waterfall. They both went to it, and Paulo found the diamonds, but he lied and said he didn't find them. ("Exposé") A few days later, after Paulo complained about not getting involved with people, they both went on a trip to the Pearl Station. ("Further Instructions") A while later, after finding out that Paulo had lied to Nikki about the diamonds, she threw a Medusa Spider onto him, which paralysed him. After finding the diamonds on Paulo, Paulo watched as Nikki was bitten by another spider. They were later that day, buried alive together. ("Exposé")
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