Paul was a member of the DHARMA Initiative who worked as head of security. He was killed by a pair of Others while on a picnic with his wife, Amy. The Others were then killed by Juliet and Sawyer. Amy begged that Paul be brought back to the Barracks and Jin volunteered to carry him. When Richard Alpert confronted Horace about the broken "truce", they came to an agreement that Paul's body be handed over to Richard and the Hostiles. Before letting Paul's corpse be taken away, Amy took Paul's necklace and kept it. ("LaFleur")


  • The necklace that Amy removes from Paul is an ankh, which is an Egyptian hieroglyph that means "life" and is commonly associated with eternal life and fertility. It is sometimes known as the "key of life."
  • One Hostile is seen removing a pistol from Paul's body. This could indicate that Paul instigated the conflict, attempting to defend Amy and himself.