"Parting Words" is an orchestral piece from Season One. Four ascending melodies combine in various ways, initially to form the raft's theme. Afterward, it plays during rescue or reunion scenes in exactly one episode per season, earning it the moniker of the "departure theme".

Main appearance

Sun meets Jin on the beach right before the raft will launch and, without speaking, she gives him a notebook. Opening it, he tearfully reads the phonetically spelled English words inside with Sun's help. Broken down, he says he's sorry and they say their love each other. Sun asks why he must go on the raft. Jin replies that they are in this place because he is being punished, and that he is going on the raft to save her. With the raft about to launch, Charlie finishes collecting messages to place in the bottle. Walt says goodbye to Vincent, then Shannon; Jin says goodbye to Claire, then Charlie; Michael says goodbye to Sun. Sawyer collects Charlie's bottle and looks for Kate but sees she's already left for the black rock. The survivors push the raft into the water and cheer as it successfully launches. Vincent tries to swim to the raft, but Walt shoos him back to shore. Sawyer and Michael hoist the sail. Sun and Jin look back at each other longingly, and she waves goodbye. As the raft triumphantly floats away, the scene shifts to the sky, a reminder of the ominous pillar of smoke.

Sheet music

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Full list of appearances

"Parting Words" and its variations play during the following scenes.


Variations on the theme in "Parting Words" appear in "The Gathering", "Naomi Phone Home," "The Hole Shabang", "Moving On" and a special rock/piano mix bonus track from the season 6 soundtrack called "Parting Words (Drive Shaft)."

Title significance

During the piece's first appearance, survivors say goodbye as the raft passengers part.