"Parallelocam" is an orchestral piece from the Season 6 soundtrack.

Scene description

In LAX, in a flash sideways, Oceanic Airlines unloads Christian's coffin. Jack, meanwhile, examines Locke's x-rays. On the Island, Jack the new protector washes his face and looks at his hands.

Oceanic keeps transporting the coffin. Dr. Linus makes some tea. Ben, on the Island, loads a rifle while the Man in Black coils rope from the well. Locke, in the hospital, looks at his wheelchair.

The coffin enters a van. Detective Ford puts on a badge and looks into the locker room mirror he broke. Sawyer examines Kate's wound on the Island. Flash sideways Kate waits in a church parking lot.

The coffin reaches the church. Desmond signs for it.


The piece is a variation of the LAX theme.

Title significance

The title references parallelograms. When it plays, the camera shoots scenes that parallel each other.