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In the flashback of "Ji Yeon", Jin was on his cell phone, saying that he would be at the hospital soon. He rushed into a store and bought a large stuffed panda. Outside he hailed a cab and put the bear in it, but before he could get in the cab, another pedestrian got in and the cab sped off. Going back into the store, Jin attempted to buy another bear. The store owner suggested a stuffed dragon since it was the Year of the Dragon. Jin insisted that he "must have the panda". He ended up paying an exorbitant price for one which had been reserved for another customer.

Upon arriving at the maternity ward, Jin approached a room which had a man standing guard outside. Jin identified himself as working for Mr. Paik, congratulating the Chinese ambassador on becoming a grandfather, and asked if he could come inside and whether the baby was a boy or a girl. The guard responded that it was a boy and then entered the room, leaving Jin waiting outside wrapping a blue ribbon around the bear's neck. An older man came back out. Jin presented the man with the bear as a token of Mr Paik's esteem, and informed the Ambassador that Mr. Paik was looking forward to doing business in China.