Pamela Larson, also known as Dakota, was one of the middle section background cast. Her character, known as "Blonde Casualty", was killed by the mercenary team in "The Shape of Things to Come".

She also appears as one of the background reporters interviewing Hurley after his lottery win in "Numbers" and as a guest at Jack's wedding in "Do No Harm". It's unknown if these appearances were meant to be the same character as the blonde survivor.

Pamela also worked as a stand-in actress for Emilie de Ravin and Yunjin Kim.

Appeared in all of the following episodes of Lost:

Special feature appearance

  • Pamela appeared in an interview on the Lost Season 4 DVD, disc 5. While highlighting "Offshore Shoot", press right and then up twice, and then select. See clip (at 2:00) [1]


Pamela calls herself the "Scarf Lady" or the "Bandana Lady" in her interview (see above).

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