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The Lost Experience
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The Paik Heavy Industries logo

Paik Heavy Industries (aka Paik Motors, Paik Automotive) (Hangul Korean: 백중공업) is Mr. Paik's South Korea-based company. After returning from the Island, Mr. Paik's daughter, Sun, bought a controlling interest in the company and is now managing director.

In the ARG The Lost Experience, Paik Heavy Industries had a sinister connection to the Hanso Foundation.

References on Lost[]

In "D.O.C.", the logo in Mr. Paik's office bore the words "Paik Heavy Industries" in Korean. [1] Jin was also shown wearing a coat with the Paik logo on, and was mentioned as being a floor manager for the company, before becoming a personal employee of Mr. Paik in response to Sun creating a $100,000 debt in his name to be repaid. Later in the same episode, Sun interrupted an unsubtitled Korean conversation between Mr. Paik and his underlings. The translation of this conversation is:

  • An Employee: We haven't received the forged conveyance permit yet, Mr. Chairman.
위조된 운송 허가증은 저희가 아직 받지 못했습니다, 회장님.
  • Mr. Paik: I heard the Hanso Foundation is filled with anger at the fact that our side didn't offer the equipment…!
한소 재단에서 우리 측에서 장비를 제공하지 않았다고 난리 났다는데…!

Sun's business card as seen at Lost: The Auction

After returning from the Island, a pregnant Sun visited the Paik offices once again. She once more interrupted a conversation between her father and his associates, wherein they argued about someone who used five different banks accounts to accomplish some unnamed but troubling task, angering Mr. Paik. Sun then revealed that she used her Oceanic compensation to buy a controlling interest in her father's business. Sun left with the promise that the two would soon discuss the future of "our" company. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1")

Several years after returning from the Island, Sun met with Charles Widmore in London. When Sun identified herself as "the managing director of Paik Industries", Widmore was quick to comment that he knew her father well. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 2")

In "LA X, Part 2", Jin carried a letter on Paik staionery explaining his reason for carrying the watch he was supposed to deliver in Los Angeles. U.S. Customs officers grew suspicious of Jin and detained him.

References in The Lost Experience[]


Thomas Werner Mittelwerk

The company was first named by Thomas Mittelwerk on the Hanso Phone Line during Day 1 and Day 2 of The Lost Experience, in Bad Twin, and in other clues from The Lost Experience. It was initially unclear whether or not Paik Heavy Industries had any connection to Sun's father, Mr. Paik's business. Indeed, in one of her Copenhagen blogs, Rachel Blake wrote "The only thing I picked up was a name, 'Paik'. Which is pretty much the Korean 'Jones".'" However, the episode "D.O.C." would confirm the connection.

A Hanso Phone Line message provided the first reference to the company:

You've reached the office of Dr. Thomas Werner Mittelwerk, Senior Vice President, CEO and Chief Technologist of the Hanso Foundation. I will be unreachable for the next three weeks. However, for those employees of Paik Heavy Industries and Widmore Corporation engaged in active projects, I will be continuously updating the confidential information line. Please refer to your project manual for hotline access instructions. Thank you, and, namaste.

Later, with the international release of the novel Bad Twin, more references to the company were given. In the book, the Widmore Corporation was doing a deal to go into partnership with Paik Heavy Industries on a project. The character Clifford Widmore also talks about how his brother Zander was going to deal with the South Korean company directly for the Corporation. However, Clifford disagreed with sending Zander for the task, saying that "Old Man Paik" is "as tough as they come".

ERI Choi Letter

Choi's letter to Mittelwerk

The next reference to Paik appeared online during the Lost Experience on June 13th, in a letter to Thomas Mittelwerk from Hoo-Goh Choi (a Korean minister). Though only briefly mentioned, this evidence suggests that Paik Heavy Industries is also involved in motor manufacture:

Dr. Mittelwerk, in recent years, my honorable government has turned a blind eye to the questionable activities of your off-shore research station due to the lucrative business partnerships the Hanso Group has offered the proud people of this nation. Your joint venture with Paik Motors, for example, is a matter of great national pride, and we wish to continue doing that level of business with your firm

Rachel Blake later found further evidence of Paik Heavy Industries collaborating with the Hanso Foundation. In one of her Copenhagen blogs, Rachel recorded a Korean conversation between Mittelwerk and a man named Minsu. After translating the conversation, Rachel began to suspect that Paik Heavy Industries had built a custom ship for the Hanso Group.


The schematic for the Helgus Antonius, showing Paik Heavy Industries in the bottom right corner

MITTELWERK: Minsu, so great to see you.

민수, 만나서 반갑습니다.

MINSU: Dr. Mittelwerk. Good to see you too. Mr. Paik sends his warmest regards.

닥터 미틀워크, 저도 만나서 반갑습니다. 미스터 백이 안부 전해 드리라고 했어요.

MITTELWERK: He's just saying that because we've paid him so much money.

그런 얘기 하는 걸 보니 우리가 엄청 돈을 많이 내기해서 그러나 보네요.

MINSU: Ah. I see that it's straight to business.

아, 그럼 비즈니스 얘기 해 볼까요.

MITTELWERK: As always.


MINSU: I think you'll be pleased to hear your ship is almost ready; with all the modifications. But I have to warn you - this kind of ship can't dock just anywhere.

운송 준비가 다 됐다는 걸 듣고 싶어하는 것 같네요. 근데 운송에 대해서 당신에게 한 마디 하면 이런 식으로 아무 데나 우린 내릴 수가 없어요.

MITTELWERK: We have a port. How long will it be?

우리는 항구가 있어요. 얼마나 걸리죠?

MINSU: I'd say no sooner than three weeks.

짧으면 한 삼 주 정도 걸릴거에요.

MITTELWERK: Could you pass the pepper? So what will it take to make it 2 weeks?

후추 좀 전해 줄래요? 2주 안에 만드려면 어떻게 하나요?

Finally, Rachel's suspicions were proved accurate when she uncovered schematics for a ship called the Helgus Antonius. On the schematics were the words:

Proprietary Medical Vessel
Paik Heavy Industries - The Hanso Foundation

Unanswered questions[]

Unanswered questions
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  • What were Sun's plans for the company?