While going through Faraday's abandoned research equipment at Oxford University, Desmond was surprised by a janitorial custodian, who asked if Desmond was a professor. Desmond admitted that he was not, but the custodian did not seem too bothered by this. He told Desmond not to touch the maze that Faraday used for his experiments, and when Desmond asked why, he talked about how he was the one who had to take all the dead rats to the incinerator, so nobody would find out what Daniel was doing. The custodian also said that Desmond wasn't the first to "poke around", asking questions about Faraday and his work. The custodian said that he had heard a rumor that Faraday "was trying to send rats' brains back in time", then laughed and said, "Ridiculous, innit?" He then cut a deal with Desmond, saying that he'd forget that Desmond broke the lock if he told his "mates" that all he found was "rubbish". Desmond agreed and then asked why there was no record of Faraday ever working at Oxford. The custodian said that it was understandable that Oxford would deny any association with Faraday, "after what he'd done to that poor girl." He then told Desmond about Theresa Spencer. ("Jughead")


  • In the casting call he was described as "Janitor. Male, late 40s or 50s, must have a British working class accent. Nosy, opinionated, resident rumor monger of a school. Knows everyone's business and can't keep a secret to save his life."
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