Outside references are deliberately inserted references to Lost from TV shows, movies, and other outside sources.

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30 Rock

  • In the episode "Stone Mountain", Twofer and Frank are showing the movie "The Exorcist" to Jenna. The scene starts with Jenna asking "So, this all started when their plane crashed?" Twofer responds "No, that's Lost." Jenna then says "Oh, right. You know, I met J.J. Abrams once. And I don't know what this means, but he said the Island is just Hurley's dream."
  • In the episode "The Source Awards", Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) asks her date Steven Black (Wayne Brady) "So how about Lost this season?"
  • In the episode "Seinfeld Vision", Jerry Seinfeld guest stars. The head of NBC wishes to digitally put Jerry in every NBC show for a week. After Jerry disagrees with the idea, Jack (Alec Baldwin) gives him the choice of what TV shows he would like to be in, to which Jerry replies "I like Lost. Is that you guys?"
  • In the episode "The Bubble", when Jack (Alec Baldwin) asks how Tracy Jordan is functioning without Kenneth's help, Kenneth replies "Oh, I'm still doing everything for him. Tonight I have to ride my bike over to his house in New Jersey to hold his hand during Lost."
  • In the episode "Lee Marvin vs. Derek Jeter", Liz Lemon says she is looking for someone who "likes musicals but knows to just shut his mouth when I'm watching Lost."
  • In the episode "Operation Righteous Cowboy Lightning", Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan) is telling Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) that he is getting a private island reasong that every A-List celebrity has one. He names Celine Dion, Nicholas Cage and Charles Widmore as people who own islands.
  • As a running joke, Kenneth the page apparently believes in Jacob. The most recent mention was in S5E23 when he was spying on the rest of the cast through a telescope, and shouts, 'Give me more time, Jacob, I beg of you!'
  • In the episode "The Beginning of the End", while hosting a diner party for Tracy Jordan, Kenneth's girlfriend tells him to go out and buy desert. Kenneth protests by saying they have "government ice cream", holding up a white box that says "ICE CREAM" above the DHARMA Initiative logo.


  • The show is created by J.J. Abrams.
  • In the episode "Tommy Madsen" the fragment of The Numbers shows up (4, 8, 15, 16) as the serial number on an armored vehicle.

    The Numbers on the truck.


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Alejo y Valentina

  • In the episode "El regreso del cometa Halley" (The Return of Halley's Comet) of the Argentinian series "Alejo y Valentina" (Alejo & Valentina), when two mans want to take the confession with the Reverendo Hijo de Puta (Reverend Son of a Bitch), he refuses doing it because he is watching the last episode of Lost.
  • In the episode "Viaje al fondo de las casas" (Trip to the bottom of the houses), a polar bear appears on the jungle and chases the main characters of the show. Then, when they are wondering how there was a polar bear on the jungle, Carlitox says "Pero, ¿vos nunca viste Lost? Estábamos en la isla de Lost" (But, have you ever seen Lost? We were in Lost island) and El Viejo answers "No, no era la isla de Lost, viteh, era La isla de Gilligan (No, it wasn't Lost island, y'see, it was Gilligan's Island).

American Dad

  • In an episode called "Stan of Arabia", Stan tells his family, "Way ahead of you. I'll find us a satellite so we can watch Lost when I get home. Just because we're stuck in this wasteland doesn't mean it's not Wednesday."
  • In the episode "Home Adrone", Steve and his friends are flying a real unmanned military drone plane mistaking it for a flight simulator, and when they see the drone flying towards them and realize it is in fact a real plane, Barry says "They found us. We are going to get off the island!"
  • In the episode "Jenny Fromdabloc" where Roger plays Steve's friend Snot's girlfriend "Jenny" And allegedly took his virginity with a stress ball. At the end of the credits Steve is in his dark room staring at the same stress ball contemplating and pacing whether to have sex with it. Finally, Steve walks up to the ball with his hand out ending the episode with the infamous lost "boom" sound ending.


  • In the pilot episode Tommy Merlyn briefly explains to Oliver Queen some of the things he (Oliver) has missed while he was stranded on a deserted island for 5 years. After going over the winners of the past five Super Bowls and the fact that the U.S. had elected a black President he stated: "And Lost!? They were all dead; I think."


  • In the episode, "Brain Gets Hooked", the Brain becomes addicted to a TV show called Junior Island. Other than the fact that the entire cast of Junior Island are kids, many elements of this TV show resemble Lost. They are trapped on a mysterious island with strange buildings, and the last of Junior Island we see is the kids finally leaving the island after two years... by finding a bridge on the other side of the island. One of the Arthur characters mentions that in the next season, they all get shipwrecked on the island again, much like season 5 of Lost when the characters return.

The Big Bang Theory

  • In the episode "The Vacation Solution", Sheldon says that Hawaii is a former leper colony on top of an active volcano where the disappointing conclusion to Lost was filmed.


  • In one episode, Junior tries to test a girl's nerdiness by seeing if she disagrees when he states various things. One of which is "the Lost finale killed it."

Bo! Selecta

Bo!'s parody of Charlie.

The Channel 4 (United Kingdom) program Bo! Selecta parodies Lost on a regular basis ("LOST interest"), using its usual format of grossly exaggerating physical characteristics (usually featuring the standard Bo! prosthetic chin device).

The usual targets are:

BoJack Horseman

  • In the episode "The BoJack Horseman Show", BoJack talks to Jorge Garcia at a party. He says: "So the Island's like a purgatory?". Jorge denies it, but he is interrupted by BoJack.

Brothers and Sisters

  • Sarah remarks that the Island has more civilization than the town she and her brothers were stranded in.


  • During the episode, Cops and Robbers from season 4 of Castle, Richard Castle briefly mentions Dr. Shephard as a doctor, while being held hostage by mercenaries who are disguided as doctors from TV series.


  • In the second episode, first aired on October 1, 2007, a doctor is testing Chuck with a slide show of images designed to trigger secrets stored in his brain. Chuck responds to an image of an airplane by saying, "Oceanic Flight 815 was shot down by a surface-to-air missile..." Although the last part of the phrase is difficult to hear, closed caption confirms the phrase.
  • In the seventeenth episode of the fourth season, first aired February 28, 2011, Vivian McArthur receives an account card from her father, Volkoff. The account number is 4815162342. Additionally, the head of the bank where the account is held is played by François Chau (Dr. Pierre Chang).
  • In the twentieth and twenty-first episodes of the second season, Orion is kidnapped by Ted Roark and being kept in an underground bunker called "Black Rock". Said by Orion, "This place is more of a dump than a wrecked ship."

The Cleveland Show

  • In the episode "The Curious Case of Jr. Working at The Stool", Cleveland Jr. is working at the bar Cleveland and his friends frequent and in turn, ruining all of the fun things about it. In order to solve the problem Cleveland says he's gonna do what he has to do..."Go back to the Island." After which the screen goes black and the word "CLEVELAND" floats towards the screen in the same style as the LOST intro.

The Colbert Report

The fake Colbert-Vioxx settlement check.

  • J.J. Abrams made an appearance on Comedy Central's The Colbert Report via telephone. Both Abrams and Colbert had been one of 365 celebrities to be included on Mastermedia International's "The Most Powerful People in Media". Each person on the list was given a specific day of the year in which they would be prayed for, J.J. Abrams' was on January 1, 2007. While talking to Colbert over the phone, a picture of J.J. Evans from Good Times was displayed during the interview in place of a picture of Abrams. When asked if anything miraculous happened to him on his prayer day, Abrams replied saying that it was on that day that they had finally figured out just "what the Hell is going on in Lost", claiming that up until that point they had just been making it up as they went along.

Fake resume featuring Lost-inspired references.

  • In the "Cheating Death" segment of the Jan. 27, 2009 episode, a fake Vioxx settlement check made several references to Lost, including the name "Jeremy Bentham", the date "9/22/04", and the numbers 4815.
  • In the "Stephen's Sound Advice" segment of the Oct. 26, 2009 episode, a fake resume made references to Lost. The resume was for a Jim Lefleur, of Portland, Oregon. His phone number was 481-516-2481.
  • In the Tip of the Hat/Wag of the Finger segment on March 31, 2010, Colbert wagged his finger at ABC, complaining that Lost stole focus from the V countdown clock that was seen in the bottom corner of the screen during the original airing of The Package.


  • In Season 1 episode Communication Studies, Abed was filming a scene in a classroom with a number of other people who were pretending to be his friends as well as Señor Chang. Abed then comments to Jeff that the young Asian actor playing Chang was a "young Asian guy from Lost", referring to either Jin (Daniel Dae Kim) or Miles Straume (Ken Leung).
  • In the first season finale of Community, Professor Duncan tries to blackmail Señor Chang by noting that Chang is now a student and not a professor and could thus be expelled if he attempts to physically harm Duncan. Chang then says "I will find a loophole, and then I will kill you," an ad-libbed[1] reference to the Man in Black's attempts to kill Jacob. At the end of the episode, Chang finds his loophole when Duncan is put on academic suspension for being drunk at a party and attacks him.
  • In the second season Christmas episode Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas, Abed (in claymation) finds a first season DVD of Lost in the search for the meaning of Christmas. The DVD is described "as a metaphor for the lack of payoff". Moments later Abed whispers "Thanks LOST" after he realizes his friends' love for him.
  • In Season 4 episode Intro to Felt Surrogacy, after the puppet characters crash their balloon in the woods, Abed says, "We need to split into two groups: The Survivors and the Others. Where's the manifest?" Shirley then yells at him, telling him to stop making LOST references.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

  • In the episode "The TiVo Guy", Larry complains to the TiVo repairman about a technical problem in which he can't watch the latest episode of Lost. The repairman then proceeds in ruining the episode for Larry by stating, "You know the guy that died a couple episodes back? Well it turns out he isn't dead because he shows up." This could be a reference to Mikhail's return in "D.O.C.", or a general nod to the tendency of characters to return from the dead.

The Daily Show

  • In the Comedy Central news satire The Daily Show, there is a humorous segment where former Daily Show correspondent Rob Corddry did a report in which he wanted to try to find out how he could stop being discriminated against because he was a racist. A "TiVo pause list" scrolled by the screen very quickly which listed people he hated, and one of the entries was "Seriously, stop pausing this. What do you think this is, Lost? 4 8 15 16 23 42"
  • A story highlighting the changing demographics of the United States had Samantha Bee declaring (in front of a Lost cast graphic) that "Right now, our country is 67% white, 12% black, 14% hispanic and 4% Asian. The remainder is made up of super hot Arabs, an evil smoke thing, and that polar bear that showed up for some reason. What the hell is up with that island?"
  • While discussing the issue of torture, a short segment was done in which Jon Stewart's heart was debating his brain over whether torture was right or not. During this segment, which is portrayed by a graphic of a heart and a brain, they are soon interrupted by a loud voice exclaiming, "Hey, that chick from Lost is hot!" The voice turns out to be Stewart's penis.
  • In another episode, The Daily Show gets a new correspondent, Wyatt Cenac. Upon asking him what he thought of the Democratic primaries, he responded that they were "cool", though later went on to say they were boring and lacked entertainment, comparing the primaries to popular shows, among them Lost. After a little while he starts focusing on Lost and mentions the polar bear, Season Two, Michael working for the Others and getting Jack and Kate together.
  • Jon Stewart wondered how Obama thought he could possibly win over the American public with rational policy decisions and an even temperament. "You still don't know what makes us tick, do you? We're the people who made you move your State of the Union address so it wouldn't bump up against the season premiere of Lost!"[2]
  • A segment of Mitt Romney's tax returns mentioned "the Island from Lost" as one of his tax havens. The Lost bank, said Jon Stewart, takes 6 years to produce your money, and the returns make no sense.[3]


  • In the Season 8 episode "Jane Says (Part 1)" of the Canadian teen television show Degrassi, multiple references to Lost are made. First, in an early scene, character/Degrassi student Danny Van Zandt says to his new girlfriend Leia Chang, "You watched four seasons of Lost just because I like it?" Later in the episode, the pair are at a slumber party where they discuss watching Lost on DVD as something to do; character Sav Bandhari then suggests to the group "Yeah! Let's watch the one where The Others kidnap Walt' "(Exodus, Part 1). A final reference is made towards the end of the same episode where Peter Stone says to his friends "We're going back to my place to watch Lost".

Desperate Housewives

De Schat van Oranje (TV)

  • In this episode Dutch singer Thomas Berge is leaving and around the 35th minute, the music theme The Eyeland can be heard. This is possibly the done, because they are all alone on the island in this show and are far away from their home.

Duel Masters

  • In the English dub, a character remarks how he let loose polar bears on a deserted tropical island to confuse anyone that ends up there.

The Emperor's New School

The "Emperor Orientation Video".

  • In the final episode of The Emperor's New School, "Graduation Groove," Kuzco watched an "Emperor Orientation Video". This is an obvious parody of the orientation videos. The video is black-and-white, and is hosted by a man who looks and sounds very much like Pierre Chang.




ESPN makes Lost TV show refrence

Lost Reference made by ESPN.

  • On April 1, 2014, ESPN made two references to Lost. While showing highlights of an opening day game of Major League Baseball played between the Seattle Mariners and the Los Angeles Angels, Justin Smoak for the Mariners hit a home run. The announcer for ESPN said "It's the Smoke Monster, Justin Smoak, live together die alone."

Family Guy

  • Family Guy episode 5-16 "Petergeist" has a spoof on The Muppet Show and Lost. Statler and Waldorf, the old men in the balcony who criticize Kermit the Frog and his friends, appear in a box behind the couch the box where S&W usually are...

Peter: Boy, that was a great episode of Lost, wasn't it fellas?

Statler: Well at least the show's got the right name!

Waldorf: Yeah, I couldn't follow any of it!

Peter: Heheheheh... they don't care for most things.

  • In Episode 7-6, the Griffin family is deciding where to vacation which prompts Meg to suggest that they visit the Island from Lost. Stewie then says that he doesn't want to hear Matthew Fox's heavy breathing. This leads into a clip that shows Jack and Kate...

Jack: (breathing heavily) Kate, you don't get it. We are the Island! Hand me that paper bag.

Kate: Jack, that's got my poop in it.

Jack: (still breathing heavily) "I know, I know. It's got a hint of coconut in it. And something else. But that's part of the mystery."


  • In the episode of the Dutch show Fans featuring Koos Alberts, the theme Moving On appears.

The Flash

  • In the 2018 episode Null and Annoyed, Barry calls Ralph out for not paying attention to what he's saying. Ralph responds by indicating that he "was thinking about the ending of LOST." He goes on to wonder if they were all in purgatory and states that he never understood what Kate saw in Jack.


An advertisement for Lost in FlashForward.

  • In the series premiere of FlashForward, during the scene in which FBI agents Mark Benford and Demetri Noh are staking out three suspects from an SUV, a billboard for Oceanic Airlines can be seen behind them. Ironically, the words "perfect safety record" are written on the billboard.
  • In another scene, Lost is briefly seen advertised on the side of a bus.


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  • In the Pilot episode of JJ Abrams' show Fringe, someone says "Morgan Stieg was passenger number 108."
  • In the episode "Dreamscape", the character Mark Young bought a ticket on Oceanic Air three days before his death.
  • Lost's "walking around" musical theme has been used (at least) once during a scene where Walter is working in his lab.
  • The third season episode "6955 kHz" involves the broadcast of numbers in Spanish from several radio towers. The numbers include 8, 15, and 42. It is reported that a total of 15 people get retrograde amnesia due to the broadcasts.

The FROST Aerodynamics logo appears on the background.

  • In episode "Os", Season 3 Episode 16, first aired on March 11, 2011; Jorge Garcia (Hugo "Hurley" Reyes) guest stars as a security guard working at Massive Dynamic. One of the scenes in the episode takes place at a game of Wheelchair Rugby; the numbers on the players uniforms include 4,15 and 23. All six of the Lost numbers have now been in season 3.
    • In the same episode there is one aerodynamics company called "FROST" (from FRINGE and LOST). The name on the logo of the company has many similarities with the LOST logo.


Oceanic Airlines appears in Futurama.

  • An Oceanic Airlines plane, that's split open, appears in space in the season eight episode "Möbius Dick". Though Oceanic Airlines appears in many pieces of media other than Lost, this example features the logo used in Lost, thus making it direct reference.


  • In the 8th episode of the second season, Burt wants to spend his honeymoon in Waikiki in the Hotel where the guest stars on Lost stayed. Daniel Roebuck makes a guest appearance in the same episode.

The Goldbergs

  • In an April 2014 episode Oceanic Airlines is shown written on an airport counter.

Oceanic Airlines appears on the airport counter.

The Good Place

  • In Season 3, Episode 7, a page of the character Eleanor Shellstrop's comprehensive personal profile is shown. The bottom of the page states that it is page 4,815 of 162,342.
  • In the series finale, a sign for the Architect Debriefing Center reads "ROOMS 48-15,162,342."

Grey's Anatomy

  • The character Miranda Bailey comments she's afraid that the plane she's on will crash on a tropical island, where she'll be attacked by polar bears.

Hamish and Andy (radio)

  • This popular Australian radio duo made a parody song to tell convicted terrorist David Hicks what has happened since he was captured in 2001. One thing they sang was "There's this really cool show called Lost".


  • A brochure for Gannon Car Rentals from Lost also made an appearance in episode 1x15, "Run!", of Heroes.
  • In the episode "Unexpected", Nathan Petrelli says he would like to take all those with powers, and "put them in a lab on some island in the middle of the ocean." Although many fans believe this to be a reference to Lost, the creators of Heroes have indicated it's a reference to the island of Genosha from Marvel's X-Men.[4]


  • Several characters, including Sonny, are seen watching Lost, or talking about watching Lost.

Home & Away

  • In a episode that aired on 13th October 2010 (UK) Xavier Austin stated that he "don't want to end up crashed on a island full of crazed people" to which April Scott replied that he really has to stop watching LOST.

Homo Zapping

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House MD

  • In the episode "You Must Remember This", House tells Wilson that having a diabetic cat that he has to administer insulin to three times a day is like having his own button on Lost.

How I Met Your Mother

  • In the episode "The Bracket", Barney lets the gang see the book where he keeps track of all the girls he has been with. When he first introduces the old book, he says "Ask for Eloise. Tell her I sent you".
  • In the episode "Blitzgiving" with guest-star Jorge Garcia, at one point in the show the gang is trying to decide a random number to send a prank message to and he runs up to the table yelling "4 8 15 16 23 42!". Also Steve (Garcia's Character) claims to have friends on an Island, similar to LOST. Some have also claimed that the Blitz in How I met your Mother is very similar to the curse of the numbers.
  • In the episode "Oh Honey" with guest-star Katy Perry, her character said she had an audition with an Executive Producer behind a KFC. She went on to say, "Long story short, I'm going to be on LOST." [5]

In The Motherhood

  • The character "Jane", played by Cheryl Hines says she is going to use her vacation time to finally watch Lost. She said she's been unable to contribute to workplace discussions about Lost, and whenever anyone asks her about the show, all she can say is "man, what is up with that island?". Later in the episode, the TV shows a quick glimpse of a polar bear and the character says "man, what is up with that island?".


  • This commercial features a montage of clips from popular culture into which a Jeep is digitally inserted. Toward the end of the commercial, the scene of John Locke playing backgammon from "Pilot, Part 2" is seen, as the Jeep passes behind him on the beach.

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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  • Jimmy Kimmel has referenced Lost on several occasions, both obviously in skits and spoofs ("What's in the Hatch?", "Lost: the Musical"), and more subtly, such as having M.C. Gainey (who plays Tom) appear in the TV audience and talk backwards (as Walt once did).

The Kevin Bishop Show

  • A parody of Lost was featured in this British sketch show, called "Lost UK". Two survivors of a coach crash, named Jack and Kate, wake up in the woods. Shortly afterwards, a man wearing a DHARMA jumpsuit runs past and tells them that they are on an Island with no way to escape. It is then revealed that they crashed in the middle of a roundabout road junction.

King of the Hill

  • Dale tries to break up Bill and his new girlfriend who has recently moved in with him with her two children by mentioning the movie the Stepfather and its plot line, then says, "It stars that bald guy from Lost."

Knights of Prosperity

  • In the episode "Operation: Rent Money," Louis refers to Lost: "Those are all the things that guy Sayid says on Lost."

Koffietijd (op zaterdag)

  • On 10 March 2012, a DVD from Lost Season One appeared as an example from a popular show along with Sex and the City, 24 and more series. It was also briefly mentioned.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

  • On February 13, 2010, Jimmy Fallon debuted Late, a multi-episode parody of Lost. It features Fallon and a group of strangers who are stranded on a deserted office building floor after an elevator crash.
  • Episode 1: "Where Are We?" aired February 13, 2010 [1]
This episode parodies the first part of the Lost pilot, with Fallon playing a Jack-like role, providing first aid to the crash survivors and getting them away from the crashed elevator before it explodes. He then goes on a mission to explore the floor with a few of the other survivors, sees a vision of his father, and he descends a mysterious stairwell that only leads back to the floor he just left.
  • Episode 2: "Not Alone" aired March 2, 2010 [2]
Fallon gives a speech to his fellow survivors, promising that he'll get them home. His leadership is questioned by another castaway who says being there is their destiny. A flashback reveals how Fallon got on the elevator and that everyone on board was heading to the 10th floor to work on the first episode on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, placing the date of the crash on March 2, 2009. The survivors discover a mysterious copier printing out sheets of mustard yellow paper with a single message: "You are not alone."

Late Show with David Letterman

  • On November 11, 2006, David Letterman did a Lost-themed "Top Ten". It was presented by actor Jorge Garcia:

Top Ten Signs You're Obsessed With Lost, presented by Jorge Garcia

10. After each episode, you do an all-kitty reenactment in your basement

9. You refer to your in-laws as "The Others"

8. While visiting New York, you stood over every manhole and screamed, "Good God—a secret hatch!"

7. You're halfway to your goal of licking every cast member

6. Your friend phoned during Lost. Next day you beat him to death with a hot poker

5. You pitched NBC a show about 12 people stranded backstage at Saturday Night Live

4. Co-workers affectionately refer to you as "That loser who's obsessed with Lost"

3. Renamed dental practice "Flost"

2. Your wife is getting sick of playing the bedroom game "Find the castaway"

1. You sat through all ten of these lame jokes

Top Ten Spoilers for the 'Lost' Finale, presented by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse

10. I watched…didn’t understand a thing.

9. Hurley spends the whole show shaking sand out his underpants.

8. We just took an old Love Boat script and changed the name.

7. Due to pressure from the Internet we’ve been forced to include Betty White.

6. When they hear about the economy, unemployment, and the oil leak castaways decide to stay on the island.

5. Features lots of creepy Ben dialogue like this [Cut to close up of Michael Emerson, who says] “I have to go to Target. To get socks.”

4. John Locke walks around with a metal detector looking for nickels.

3 Jimmy Buffet performs Margaritaville.

2. We reveal the Island is a metaphor or an allegory or some crap like that.

1. Final scene: Carlton and I [Damon] get paid and drive home in our expensive cars.

  • The show has made several jokes about not knowing what is happening on Lost.
  • On August 30, 2007, Hillary Clinton presented her top ten campaign promises. Number two was, "I will appoint a committee to find out what the heck is happening on Lost".[6]
  • On January 4, 2008, there was a Late Show Fun Facts related to the Writers Guild of America Strike. The very last fact read by Dave was that even if the strike ended tomorrow, people still wouldn’t know what the hell was happening on Lost.[7]
  • On February 12, 2008, the Top Ten list was "Top Ten Things Abraham Lincoln Would Say If He Were Alive Today". Number one was, "Seriously, what the hell is happening on Lost?"
  • On March 3 2009, when Felicity Huffman was a guest, David asked how her show, Desperate Housewives, was going, and if they had opened the hatch yet.
  • On March 20 2008, the Top Ten Reasons to Watch Battlestar Galactica, D'anna/3/Lucy Lawless' bullet point was "We get to find out what's in the hatch, and who gets off the island. Crap, wrong show."
  • The show has also produced spoof videos about Lost.
  • "Dick Cheney on Lost": While Matthew Fox was on the show in February 2006, they played a short video of Jack running after his father in "White Rabbit". When he reaches the clearing just past the beach, it is Dick Cheney with a gun pointed at him.[8]
  • "The Lost Surprise": On March 11, 2008, they ran a video segment with the scene from "The Other Woman" where Ben is about to show the video of Widmore to Locke. When they show the television, it is Regis Philbin in an exercise video.[9]

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

  • On October 28, 2015, Stephen Colbert asked Donald Trump to sign a big check for a million dollars to charity to prove that the sum was "no big deal"; the account number on the check is 4815162342.

The League of Super Evil

  • In the episode "One Zillion" of the Cartoon Network animated series The League of Super Evil, the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 43 can be seen written on a chalkboard as part of an equation used to get "one zillion" TV channels. 43 is seen to have been crossed out and replaced with 42. Later the character The Red Menace points out that the entire equation is wrong.

Lil Bush

  • The episode "Afghanistan" was described by Lil Bush as "a freakin' Lost parody." It included several references to Lost, including a discussion between two Afghanistan Gap employees about who was the best character, Sawyer or Hurley.

Little Britain

  • The 2006 Boxing Day special of Little Britain featured a parody of Lost with Lou and Andy stranded on a desert island.

Mad Men


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  • In the Version 3 episode "Project Whoosh", the opening scene contains a montage of a character who's face is hidden waking up, turning on classical music, going through his morning routine, and eventually revealing his identity in a shocking manner. The episode also features a "thud" noise at the end of the first scene. On the episode commentary, creator Rocco Botte confirmed that this scene was a reference to the opening scene of "Man of Science, Man of Faith" with Desmond waking up in the hatch.

Mijn Geheime Missie

  • In an episode of Mijn Geheime Missie (a Dutch show) is a bit used of the piece Moving On (episode 3).
    • Not much later, a bit of the piece The Eyeland is used.

Modern Family

  • In the episode "Airport 2010", the whole family is about to get on a flight to Hawaii. Luke tells Claire (portrayed by Julie Bowen, who appeared in Lost as Sarah Shephard) that he thinks it would be cool if the plane were to crash on a deserted island, like on Lost.

Monday Night Football

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My Wife and Kids

  • During the episodes where the family is on vacation in the Caribbean, Jay & Michael get stuck on a small island, where they reference Lost in a humorous exchange of dialogue.

Notes from the Underbelly

  • On the December 3, 2007 episode "The Blackout", the characters are spending the night together to watch Lost and Andrew goes over the rules for watching Lost. He says there will be no late seating and tells Danny that he can't get up to get a drink until the first commercial break. He tells Eric "no constant gasping", Julie "no stupid questions", and Danny "no answering Julie's stupid questions". Lost then begins with (a dubbed over) "Previously on Lost" when the power immediately goes out. When the power later comes back on, a voice on the TV is saying, "Southern California audiences are reeling from the big surprise on Lost tonight." The characters immediately begin covering their ears and making noises so as not to hear the big surprise, and Andrew dives across the room to turn off the television. [12][13]


  • In the usual black screen which precedes the 15th episode of the 5th season, the numbers are displayed as 481-5162342 (a Juror ID number).

The Office

Dwight in The Office.

  • The U.S. version of the sitcom The Office has an episode entitled "Boys and Girls". In one scene, the white collar workers of the office meet their blue collar counterparts in a visit to the warehouse. Dwight turns to the camera and says, "Remember on Lost, when they met the Others?"
  • In the episode titled "The Fire", the office crew is standing outside the office as firemen are tending to the fire, and they are playing "what would you bring" "desert island edition", when Jim asks Dwight what he would bring, he explains what he would bring, and expands on how they got to the island by saying, "Question: Did my shoes come off in the plane crash?"
  • In the episode titled "Initiation", Dwight quizzes Ryan. He asks the question, "What is the DHARMA Initiative?".
  • Dwight Schrute makes repeated mentions of Lost on his official NBC-hosted blog. Examples: THE DHARMA INITIATIVE (1/13/06); LOST BATTLESTAR (7/18/06)
  • In the episode "The Return", Andy Bernard says "TGI Wednesday, am I right? Gonna go home, get my beer on, get my Lost on."
  • Conan O'Brien's intro for the 58th annual Emmy awards included a segue from the Hatch, which led into The Office.
  • J.J. Abrams directed the season three episode "Cocktails".
  • In a deleted scene from "The Job", Dwight asks Andy "what is the DHARMA Initiative?" Andy guesses that it is the source of all energy on Earth, to which Dwight replies, "No, it was created by aliens."
  • During the commentary for "Casino Night", Rainn Wilson (Dwight) says he missed the famous Pam/Jim kiss-scene because, "...I was watching Lost instead."

Once Upon a Time

An external blog tracks the many Lost Easter eggs on this show.[14]

  • In the pilot episode the time, as displayed on Storybrooke's clock tower is frozen at 8:15. The Time 8:15 is also displayed prominently and repeatedly on clocks throughout the run of the series.
  • Mayor Regina Mills (a.k.a. The Evil Queen) lives in the house numbered 108.
  • The Evil Queen turns into a black smoke when a sword is thrown at her.
  • There is a close-up of Emma's eye.

    Pinocchio sees an Oceanic Airlines Plane

  • When the time changes at the end of the pilot episode it is 8:16
  • The Apollo candy bar is seen at numerous times throughout the series.
  • In the episode entitled "The Shepherd," Emma and Mary Margaret share glasses of MacCutcheon whiskey.
  • In the episode entitled "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree" Emma and Mr. Glass travel to investigate an alleged shady deal that Regina is making in the woods off Route 23.
  • In the episode entitled "Dreamy" Astrid informs Leroy that the nuns had only managed to sell 42 candles at the previous year's Miner's Day Festival.
  • In the episode entitled "Hat Trick" Jefferson (The Mad Hatter) lives in a house numbered 316.
  • In the episode "The Stranger", immediately after arriving in this world, Pinocchio sees and hears an Oceanic Airlines plane.
  • The license plate number on August Booth's motorcycle is 23.
  • Dopey wears a Geronimo Jackson shirt.
  • In the episode "The Cricket Game" when told that she cannot defeat Snow White's army Regina replies "Don't tell me what I can and cannot do" echoing the phrase commonly employed by John Locke.
  • In the episode "Tiny," Mr. Gold, Emma and Henry boarded an Ajira Airways flight going to New York with an estimated flight time of 42 minutes.
  • Also in the episode "Tiny," as Ruby arrives in the hospital, Belle is seen watching TV. As soon as she gets there, it is shown that the show Exposé is about to start on the TV.
  • The Geronimo Jackson logo can be seen on the rear window of Emma Swan's car on numerous occasions.
  • In the 3rd season episode "New York Serenade" Henry is playing Diablo III and comments that he is on Level 23.
  • In the 4th Season Episode "Darkness on The Edge of Town," Mr. Gold, Cruella De Vil and Ursula go through the drive thru at Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack, the fast food chain owned by Hurley. The fast food employee speaking over the intercom is also voiced by Daniel Dae Kim who played Jin.

Parks and Recreation

In the episode "Telethon," Donna mentions that her brother, who is in Liberia, "wants to know what happened on Lost."

Pekin Express

This French game show often uses music from Lost. The 2012 season featured a race in Australia. The final run was in Sydney and ended in front of the Opera. The winners climbed the stairs to Giacchino's music.

Person of Interest

  • In the Pilot episode, you can see the numbers 4-8-15-16-23-42 as the time stamp of a surveillance camera

    the numbers

  • In the episode "Blue Code," Finch (played by Michael Emerson) warns Detective Fusco, who is in the process of stealing a police file, that he has exactly 23 seconds to get out.
  • In the episode "2πr" Finch works undercover as a substitute teacher for a woman called "Mrs. Bentham" who is at that moment in Maui, Hawaii.
  • In the episode "Risk" one sound effect of the smoke monster is played when Finch activates the taximeter.

Pete Holmes

  • Holmes is known in Lost fandom for a tongue-in-cheek video where he pretends to be a Lost fan and rants about how bad the show has become.[15][16]

Pushing Daisies

  • In the premiere episode of Pushing Daisies in October 2007, Flight 815 was briefly referenced.
  • In the final episode Emerson Cod, while talking with Chuck and Ned about bad and good people, seems to reference the show and its thematics: "You two normally are as solid as they come, because your moral compass is always pointed due the right thing. But clearly, someone's been screwing with both your magnetic fields 'cause the both of you seem really lost right now."

Raising Hope

  • In the episode "It's a Hopeful Life," Virginia states that she doesn't want to become famous for negative reasons, "like that no-name actor from Lost who married that sixteen year-old girl," a reference to Doug Hutchison.

Robot Chicken

  • The episode "Losin' the Wobble" references Lost in a sketch about the newly enacted Asshole Laws, which allow police to brutally beat anyone who makes "obvious" comments:

Man: Heroes is way better, because it actually answers stuff. On Lost, they don't know what they're doing. [Man is beaten up by two police officers]

The Sarah Silverman Program

  • On October 25, 2007, the episode "Doodie" referenced Lost. Stencil Mustang said, "This is just like an episode of Lost!"
  • On the November 20, 2008 episode "I Thought My Dad Was Dead, But It Turns Out He's Not," Sarah is told that all the best television shows are about doctors and cops, to which Sarah replies "Lost isn't a hospital or a cop," to which her friends correct her: Jack is a doctor and Ana Lucia is a cop.
  • In the episode "The Silverman and the Pillows" aired on February 11, 2010, Sarah is seen watching the end of the episode "LaFleur" and is overcome with emotion at Sawyer's reunion with Kate, Jack and Hurley.

Saturday Night Live

  • On February 5, 2005, there was a sketch where Paris Hilton is sitting at a bar and a guy (Seth Meyers) sits down next to her. He attempts to hit on her, and eventually says "Hey, you ever watch the show 'Lost'? Hilton: "No" Guy: "Oh then let me tell you something, that's a good show, that's a quality show right there. See what happens is they got this plane, right, crashes into the island. And all the people, right, they got no idea where they are, no idea. What they do is each week the show, shows you a little bit about what's going on with the island, but they also go back in time and show you what the people were doing before the plane crashed. Shows you your histories, very clever, very clever show. Very clever."
  • On November 11, 2006, during the Weekend Update segment, Seth Meyers made a joke about certain issues now facing the Republicans after the Democrats took control of the American House of Representatives and Senate previously in the week: "Political analysts are saying that the Democratic victories of Tuesday’s elections were a referendum on President Bush’s handling of the war in Iraq and various Congressional scandals. As well as the environment, the economy, wiretapping, torture, Katrina, military tribunals, illegal immigration, Osama’s continued freedom, Kyoto, abortion rights, the national debt, SARS, the XFL, and the death of Mr. Eko".
  • On December 2, 2006 Matthew Fox hosted the show, and many references to Lost were included in the episode.
    • Castmember Bill Hader appeared during Fox's monologue as Michael Richards (acting as Richards' trademark character Kramer, from Seinfeld) asking for work on Lost, offering to be one of the Others, the smoke monster, or to appear in a flashback.
    • A sketch featuring Lost fans in an elevator with Matthew Fox, discussing their theories, which range from "The producers don't know what's going on" to "It's all in Walt's imagination" to "The Island's on the toenail of a giant" to "Purgatory". As well, two female fans ask if Matthew is single, to which he replies "Married for 15 years" and "Two kids", and one female fan leaves the elevator because of the rest discussing spoilers while she is only halfway through Season 2.
  • In January 20, 2007, there was a sketch "Two A-holes and an adoption agency". The A-holes mention that adoption is complicated like sudoku and the 2nd season of Lost.
  • On the September 13, 2008 episode, Bobby Moynihan played a waiter in a sketch who mentioned "the smoke monster from Lost".
  • On the March 6th 2010 episode, during Weekend Update, Seth Myers comments about the health care reform, which ends with the words "HEALTH CARE" swoop down like the "LOST" titles.

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

  • In the episode "The Shrieking Madness" the Scooby-Doo gang opens a trunk containing clues. One of them is a sketch of a piece of the "Planispheric Disk" (an object crucial to the plot) and on the sketch are written The Numbers.


An Apollo Bar visible in Scrubs

The Notebook with LOST stickers. (Our White Coats)

  • Apollo Bars featured in the season 7 premiere of Scrubs "My Own Worst Enemy" (October 25, 2007) where they were visible in the supply of a vending machine. Because the prop seemed identical to that used in Lost and The Lost Experience, this reference may also be considered a crossover. The same vending machine with the Apollo Bars can also be seen in the season 8 episode '"My Chief Concern" (May 5, 2009).
  • In the season 7 finale "My Princess", a smoke monster is used to personify a patient's illness during the fairy tale scenes. As well as bearing resemblance to the Monster, it may also be a reference to the show moving to ABC for its 8th season. Or it could simply be because both series were produced by Touchstone Television/ABC Studios, even if "Scrubs" was on NBC for it's first seven seasons.
  • In the season 8 premiere "My Jerks", the new intern Ed discusses time he spent on a Lost fan site.
  • In the season 9 episode "Our White Coats", in a flash back, medical student Cole is messing with a fellow student who apparently is a huge Lost fan (he has a laptop full with Lost stickers and wears a hat with the DHARMA logo) by pretending that Lost has been cancelled and that the finale is never going to air.
  • In the season 9 finale "Our Thanks" Cole talks about fate as the stuff they are talking about during the boring parts of Lost.

The Simpsons

  • In the commentary for the Season 9 episode "Das Bus," the producers joke that Lost was inspired by this episode. They further make references to unanswered questions, the Others and the Smoke Monster.
  • In the Season 19 episode "Funeral for a Fiend", Marge becomes addicted to TiVo when Homer signs up for it just to get free camera batteries. Marge is excited because "I've gotten so much accomplished: I saved Lost, watched all of Rome in a day, and got through Two and a Half Men in two and a half minutes!"
  • In the Season 21 episode "Judge Me Tender", broadcast the first time the same night as Lost series finale, the sentence Bart writes on the blackboard during the opening credits is: "End of Lost: it was all the dog's dream. Watch us".

Homer's attempts to analyze "Stranded," a parody of Lost

*In the Season 23 episode "Beware My Cheating Bart," Homer purchases a treadmill with a large screen TV. He is introduced to a show called Stranded, a thinly-veiled parody of Lost. It mimics the floating "LOST" title sequence, and has character and voice parodies of Jack, Kate, Locke and Sayid, also referring to a "Korean couple." The parody frequently refers to the unanswered questions presented by each flashback, and makes fun of the show's mysterious plot devices as a whole.

The Soup

  • In 2005, on The Soup, a fake Lost commercial was shown, saying people who missed some episodes are losers who'll never catch up.[17]
  • In 2006, a clip of "Every Man for Himself" where Ben kills a rabbit in front of Sawyer is shown. Host Joel McHale commented: "The rest of the episode were flashbacks of the bunny's life. Looks like he couldn't walk before crashing on the Island."
  • In November 9, 2007, after a clip of "America's Most Smartest Model", McHale commented about the poor quality of the show's writing and writer's strike with the following: "Can we get the studios to give the writers some download residuals and fire up a Lost or something?"
  • A running gag on the show involves clips from I Love Toy Trains; a show about model trains. The clips are usually rather dry and pointless. At the end of the clips The Soup cuts to a graphic resembling the LOST logo: ILTT (an acronym for the show's title), and plays the sound effect used at the conclusion of every LOST episode. Host Joel McHale and The Soup staff then make ironic comments about how mind-blowing and edgy I Love Toy Trains is.
  • Michael Emerson, LOST's Benjamin Linus, appears on the show, confused by a clip from '24' they've shown.

South Park

  • In the episode "Bloody Mary", Cartman and friends were trying to get home to watch the season finale of Lost.
  • In the episode "Smug Alert", a cloud very similar to The Monster is seen, representing George Clooney's acceptance speech. Whispers can also be heard.
  • In the episode "Ass Burgers", Stan watches a commercial that compares the TV show "Terra Nova" as a combination of Lost and Jurassic Park.

Stargate SG-1

  • In the 200th episode of the show, when a director from another planet tries to find an idea to create a new movie, Vala tells him some stories well known on Earth, thinking he has never heard them. One of them is the story of Lost.


  • In the 19th episode of season three titled 'Lottery', store employees who purchased lottery tickets gather around a store TV to see the winning numbers. The numbers drawn were 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42. Immediately after the numbers were shown, one employee turns to another and asks, "Hey, what were the numbers from LOST?".

That Mitchell And Webb Look

  • In the sixth episode of season two, during the 'history of numberwang' sketch, a 1940s scientist asks the computer if the number "4 8 15 162 3420" is numberwang. The response is positive.
    • On the online game of Numberwang found on the BBC website, inserting the numbers "4 8 15 16 23 42" will achieve Numberwang on level 1.

This Morning

  • During the week beginning the 6th July, the UK television programme "This Morning" ran a feature on cheap holidays. For each holiday it showed a flight screen with the flight number and time of departure. The flight numbers included "108", "316" and "815" and the times of departures were made up from a combination of the numbers.

Top Chef: Masters

  • In episode 2 of Top Chef Masters titled The LOST Supper, the contestants' challenge was to create a meal only using meat and DHARMA Initiative food to create a meal that would be be presented to judges as well as Lost creator J.J. Abrams and executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.

Transformers: Cybertron

  • In the episode Inferno of the 2005/2006 cartoon series Transformers: Cybertron, the pilot of a military jet fighter identifies himself as "Oceanic Flight 815, requesting clearance for landing" right before the Decepticon Thundercracker scans the plane and adopting its form as his new disguise. The plane's ID code was one of many pop-cultural in-jokes explicitly added for the English dub of the show.

Tripping the Rift

  • In episode "Six, Lies and Videotape", 4-8-15-16-23-42 is Chodes' customer number at the post office.

Unusuals, The

  • The character Detective Leo Banks, played by Lost alumnus Harold Perrineau, is superstitious about the number 42.
  • The April 3, 2009, #1041 issue of Entertainment Weekly contained a pull-out, full page ad for The Unusuals, which featured the Numbers in reverse order, the name "Walt" and a word find with "Afterlost" as one of the words to find.


  • V's pilot episode features a scene that is homage to Lost's opening scene. The scene shows Erica's (who is portrayed by Elizabeth Mitchell) closed eye close-up, her eye opening, and her pupil contracting, just as Jack's did in "Pilot, Part 1".
  • In season 1, episode 4 ("It's Only The Beginning"), a DHARMA looking logo can be seen on the V's computer screen at the 31:51 time mark.
  • In season 1, episode 5 ("Welcome to the War"), Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell) says, "Don't tell me what I can't do."
  • As an advertisement for V plays during Lost where Anna (Morena Baccarin) tells Lost viewers to watch V.

Veronica Mars

The Numbers

  • In the Veronica Mars episode "Donut Run" (Season 2), the heroine gets a fortune cookie that contains the saying "True love stories never have endings" and the Numbers. Interestingly, there's a comma between 23 and 42 (The last number is separated from the rest like it is for most lotteries; Hurley's winning lottery numbers had a separated 42). Coincidentally, Veronica Mars and Lost used to air at the exact same time (Veronica's "Donut Run" aired opposite to "Fire + Water").[18]
  • In the episode "I Know What You'll Do Next Summer" (Season 3, Airdate: May 15, 2007), Sheriff Keith Mars gives specific assignments to his deputies. Two of these Deputies are named "Kitsis and Horowitz", a reference to writers/producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz.[19]

The Walking Dead

  • In the 6th episode of the 5th season ("Consumed") Daryl and Carol investigate a white van over the edge of the bridge to escape a hoard of walkers. There is a Virgin Mary Statue, same as the ones filled with heroin found on the drug smugglers' plane. Like in "Deus Ex Machina", the vehicle falls down to the ground below.


  • In the Season One finale of Wilfred, "Identity," when Ryan questions Wilfred about the mysterious relationship that they have, Wilfred eludes to the fact that Ryan is dead.
 Ryan: So none of this is really happening?
 Wilfred: Everything on the island is real, the rest is an illusion.
 Ryan: What island?
 Wilfred: Uh, forget that last bit.
 Wilfred: Shh! Smoke monster!
 Ryan: I’ve seen LOST, Wilfred.
 Wilfred: What did you think of the ending?
 Ryan: Why can’t I get a straight answer out of you?
  • In the same episode, the series' title is shown at the end in the same fashion that the LOST title was shown at the end of every episode.

Will and Grace

  • In an episode of Will and Grace, one character remarks, "Grace is like that show Lost - when you find out what's in the Hatch, it's less interesting!".
  • In another episode, Grace mentions dreaming about "the hot Korean guy on Lost".


  • According to Prowrestling.net, one WWE writer pitched the idea to use the infamous Lost numbers for some money increments during McMahon’s Million Dollar Mania. For example, while most contestants won thousands of dollars, one unlucky contestant received only $16. The use of the numbers was to foreshadow the “tragic accident” that occurred at the end of the June 23, 2008 (another use of the numbers) RAW event where the stage set malfunctioned, leaving Vince McMahon “injured.”

Venture Brothers

  • In the episode "Fallen Arches", the Monarch has a prostitute trapped in a series of passages below his lair. As she is finding her way through the corridors, the Monarch yells over the intercom, "What could be behind that door? It could be a years supply of turtle wax, or it could be the polar bear from Lost!" Surprisingly, the polar bear is behind the door.

Zero Hour

  • Zero Hour is a conspiracy-oriented series scheduled that premiered on February 14, 2013 on ABC (and was promptly cancelled). A principal character publishes a magazine named Modern Skeptic. In promotional material, a cover asks, "What really happened to Oceanic Flight 815?" and features a photo of the Island just before it moves.
  • One principle character bids farewell to another with the words, "See you in another life, brother!"