Outside references are deliberately inserted references to Lost from TV shows, movies, and other outside sources.

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Duma Key

  • In the 2008 Stephen King novel, Edgar Freemantle notes that another character's ease of accepting supernatural happenings is based on being "raised on shows like X-Files and Lost".

Entertainment Weekly

  • Inside the cover of the Entertainment Weekly Magazine , featuring Harry Potter and Voldemort, is a pull tab that reveals a special two-sided advertisement for ABC's new show The Unusuals featuring Harold Perrineau (aka Michael) from Lost. The back of the ad is designed to look like a desk with stuff all over it, and there is a Word Search-type puzzle with the phrase "ONAFTERLOST" circled, and above the puzzle under a coffee mug is a "claim check" (what it is for is uncertain) but the numbers on the claim check are "42 23 16 15 8 4", which are the numbers backwards.

MAD Magazine

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Prison Break: The Classified FBI Files

Timeout UK

  • In the October 15-21 2009 Issue, a fake DHARMA letter was written from Dr. Pierre Chang to someone at The Orchid. On closer inspection, the letter was a clever advert for Lost S5 on Bluray and DVD.

Under the Dome

  • In Stephen King's 2009 book "Under the Dome," there is a quote from "the Scottish guy" (Desmond), "Don't mistake coincidence for fate" (although the quote was actually said by Eko and repeated later by Locke to Desmond).
  • There is also a reference to "The Hunted Ones," which is described as "a clever sequel to Lost."