Outside references are deliberately inserted references to Lost from TV shows, movies, and other outside sources.

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  • On their 2008 release "Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends," the third track is titled "Lost!" and the 4th track is titled "42".

Childish Gambino

  • From his album, "Camp", the song "Sunrise" contains the lyrics "Black rock like a lost episode".


  • The last track on the bands latest release (Diamond Eyes) is titled "This Place is Death" which is the same as the fifth episode of Season 5. The song also discusses a relationship a boy has with a girl in which reality interferes...much like Daniel and Charlotte.

Fire in the Attic

Gatsby's American Dream


  • One verse from "Bird Flu" on M.I.A.'s album Kala is: Put away shots for later / so I'm stable / Live in trees, chew on feet / Watch Lost on cable.


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Senses Fail


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In MKTO's video for "Thank You", there are many refrences to LOST, since Malcolm David Kelley played Walt Lloyd in Lost, and he is part of the group.

Solar Fragment

  • The song "Man of Faith" from the "A Spark of Deity" album talks about John Locke's life. He is mentioned: "just call me Locke" and so are the numbers after the second chorus.
  • There are many references in this song such as "call me hunter or scarface" referring to the episode "Further Instructions" as well as "it was my destiny to come to this place", a regularly spoken phrase in the show.

Sonic Weapon Fence

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  • Sonic Weapon Fence is a Chicago based rock trio that exclusively writes and performs songs about Lost.


Weezer's album Hurley

Alternative Rock band, Weezer, named their 8th studio album Hurley. The album cover consists entirely of an image of actor Jorge Garcia, who plays Hurley.

Veil Of Maya

  • The song "Namaste" off Veil of Maya's second album is heavy based off lost, the lyrics include "Live Together, Die Alone" and many other references. Also the song starts off with the numbers 4 8 1 5 1 6 2 3 4 2 - as a Breakdown.

You Seem Fearless (music)

  • Edmonton based experimental musician, You Seem Fearless, Released an EP entitled 4 8 15 16 23 42, with 6 songs each corresponding to one of the numbers.