Outside references are deliberately inserted references to Lost from TV shows, movies, and other outside sources.

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2P Start

  • In the January 16th, 2008[1] strip, one of the rejected Wii Channels is the Swan countdown timer.
  • In the July 22nd, 2009[2] strip, the Miis on the skydiving plane are Sayid, Hurley, Sawyer and Sun. The final panel is also the series logo.

The Beano

  • In an episode[3] of a strip from The Beano titled "Derek the Sheep", Derek gets lost and says, "We're Lost! LOST! Like on that TV show with polar bears and smoke monsters and secret hatches!"


  • The cover of issue #51 of the current ongoing Catwoman comic book series by DC Comics depicts a mugshot of Catwoman with the Numbers as her ID number.

Mugshot of Catwoman

Civil War

Registration card with the Numbers

  • In the Marvel Comics story arc Civil War, Ms. Marvel's super human registration card has the Numbers on it.


  • In one issue, Ethan tries to buy a plane ticket from Oceanic Airlines.
  • In another issue, the video game Command & Conquer 3's usage of famous actors as voice actors for its characters was parodied. Each character was portrayed with the likeness and behavior of a character commonly associated with the voice actor. The character Ajay, voiced by Josh Holloway, looks and acts like Sawyer, calling the reader/player "Twinkle toes" and yelling "We have to get off this island! The Others are coming!"

Cyanide and Happiness

  • In the April 7, 2008 strip of the popular web comic, Lost is parodied along with the infamous Jackface.

Justice League of America

  • Issue #34 of the current ongoing Justice League of America comic book series by DC Comics is entitled "The Dharma Initiative."

Lobo: Highway to Hell

Marvel Comics

  • On January 23, 2008 ABC Marketing announced that they had strategically placed images and references from the show in various comic books, including Uncanny X-Men, Incredible Hercules, Thunderbolts and Wolverine Origins. Examples of Lost references include a Lost poster, the number six, and the slogan "Find Yourself" in the latest editions of numerous Marvel comics throughout the month. More Lost placements to pop up in comic books on stands January 23 and January 30 were to be expected.[4][5]

Monica's Gang

Lostinho's characters

  • Brazilian comic Monica's Gang released in 2007 Lostinho: Perdidinhos nos Quadrinhos ("Little Lost: lost in the comics"), a parody of Season 1 starring the characters of the comic. In 2011, it received a sequel, Lostinho: Finalmente... o Final! ("Little Lost: finally the ending"), which complemented with parodies of the other 5 seasons, particularly the last.
  • In 2006, the comic also released a story titled Losti, which parodied various elements of the series before revealing the place where the characters are lost is the hair of Fluff, the dog of one of the protagonists, Jimmy Five.


  • In this comic by Jim Meddick, one of the features from comics.com, the eponymous character arrives to the island to meet the castaways and the Others in the storyline for the first half of March 2006.

Nuzlocke Challenge

Calton Cuse and Damon Lindelof in the comic with the Pokémon Mew, an imitation of Jacob.

  • The "Nuzlocke Challenge" refers to an alternative, more difficult way to play the main series of Pokémon games. The name of the challenge derives from Nuzleaf, a Pokémon and Locke, the character from Lost. The creator of the challenge and it's accompanying web-comic, who goes by the name "Nuzlocke" is a big fan of the show and as a result incorporates many of it's key themes and references into the popular web-comic, most prominently the conflict between Jacob and The Man in Black, in the context of Pokémon.

The Order of the Stick

  • Page #560 of the comic, the last to be posted before the American broadcast of "There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3", features protagonists fleeing from indigenous orcs on a tropical island. They enter a door marked with a DHARMA logo, with a smiley face in the comic's idiosyncratic style at its center, which leads to a tunnel. A sign on the wall reads "Welcome to the Greg Initiative." This is a reference to the TV show Dharma & Greg. Later in the same strip, one of the characters comments, "I keep having flashbacks to earlier strips."
  • In the following page, which was the first posted after "There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3", a character exiting the far end of that tunnel (with a similar door) says, "Thank the Twelve Gods! I was beginning to think the people who built that tunnel had absolutely no idea where it was going."

Penny Arcade

  • Penny Arcade, a webcomic written by Jerry Holkins and drawn by Mike Krahulik, has featured the show in its comic strips several times.
  • In the strip entitled "Don't Forget Doppelgangers!" from October 20, 2004, Gabe and Tycho propose various theories related to the shows early mysteries.
  • On November 1, 2006, in a strip entitled "Ba Dum Bum Psh", Tycho criticizes the show's third season.

PvP Online

The Lost roleplaying game.

  • PvP, a webcomic written and drawn by Scott Kurtz, has referred to the show on a few occasions. In a comic from Jan 12, 2005, the debunked purgatory theory is mentioned by a character.
  • The comic from April 11, 2007, featured the fictitious Lost roleplaying game. One character comments that the sourcebook for the Lost RPG consists of "nothing but pages and pages of random encounter tables". This, according to the character playing the game master, leaves it up to the players to "add the context". The roleplaying scenario depicted in the comic takes place in the immediate aftermath of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. These events were depicted on the show during "Pilot, Part 1".
  • The PvP Online comic from May 14,2009 gives an alternative set of Others for Jack and Sayid to encounter - Gilligan and Skipper from Gillian's Island, who have been expecting them.


The Thing

  • One issue of this Marvel Comics series mentioned punching in the Numbers as a code.

Reference in the Thing to the Numbers