"Our Lady of Perpetual Labor"
6x17-Demon Baby
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©2010 Varèse Sarabande and Michael Giacchino

"Our Lady of Perpetual Labor" is an orchestral piece from the Season 6 soundtrack.

Scene description

Desmond assures Eloise that he will not awaken Daniel.

Meanwhile, Kate urges Claire to relax and breathe. Charlie arrives, and Kate sends him for water and blankets.

Claire begins pushing, and Kate remembers the last time she began pushing to deliver Aaron. Confused, Kate continues helping deliver the baby, and continues having flashes of the first birth. Once it's born, Kate hands it to Claire, and both now remember their lives. The two cry together.

Charlie returns with blankets, and Claire now recognizes him. Kate thanks him, though he doesn't understand why. Then Claire takes his hand.

He remembers seeing her the night of the crash. He remembers giving her a jar of imaginary peanut butter. Claire says his name, and he begins crying. He remembers when they first met, Claire cutting his hair and the bjorn he made for Aaron. He remembers their first kiss.

The two kiss. Aaron cries.

Kate asks Desmond what they must do next, and he smiles.


The piece includes Kate's theme, Claire and Aaron's theme, the home theme, Claire's theme, and Desmond's flash sideways theme.

Title significance

The title alludes to titles for the Virgin Mary within Catholicism, such as "Our Lady of Perpetual Help" and "Our Lady of Perpetual Sacrifice". During the scene, we see Claire go into labor with Aaron - for the fourth time.