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The LOST Experience
The Lost Experience
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The contract rescindment between DaimlerChrysler and the Hanso Foundation, as a result of the folder Blake shared with Kilpatrick during the IM chat

The OpenersHep conversation was a mysterious instant message conversation found on an in-game website of the Lost Experience. The text remained a complete mystery for months, until a second portion of the conversation was revealed.

On June 22, a Trash user folder on was revealed. Opening the folder revealed a log file between two users. The first was "wtkFleet35", and fans rightly speculated this to be William T. Kilpatrick, the man who signed all of the Jeep fleet information and dealt with the Hanso Foundation. Furthermore, OpenersHep was soon recognized as Rachel Blake, for the username is an anagram of Miss Blake's hacker alias, "Persephone".

The conversation between the two is dated as between March 1st to 5th, meaning it takes place months before the Persephone hacks on the Hanso Foundation website and Blake's official in-game introduction. The first file folder mysteriously ended with "OK. Tell me more?". As well as this, the file Rachel sent William was not initially released. However, a letter later revealed that on March 10th (five days after receiving the folder), Kilpatrick and the DaimlerChrysler Fleet Operations company he represented immediately ceased their contract with the Hanso Foundation. Thus, it became clear that whatever was documented in the folder, was so damaging that it could cause a company to rather seize association with the Hanso Foundation altogether and lose millions in a lucrative contract, than continue working with them with this knowledge.

The ending of the dialog was revealed on September 21st, where Kilpatrick's user seems to have been hacked by a Hanso Foundation worker. Miss Blake argues with the man, who implies things about the Foundation's work. Rachel logs off, and would later release the Missing Organs Folder, which suggested that the Foundation is involved in illegal organ harvesting, using customized Jeep vehicles for transportation.

Text Transcript

Session Start (wtkFleet35:OpenersHep): Mon Mar 1 21:34:42 2006

[21:34] OpenersHep: Hey. I have something for you to see. It’s important.

[21:34] wtkFleet35: who is this?

[21:35] OpenersHep: A friend.

[21:35] wtkFleet35: really?

[21:35] wtkfleet35: …

[21:35] wtkFleet35: all my friends have names. do you have one?

[21:36] OpenersHep: You can stop them, William.

[21:38] OpenersHep: You have no idea, do you? What you’re contributing to. What you’re helping them do.

[21:38] wtkFleet35: who? stop who?

[21:38] OpenersHep: Your business partners. The Hanso Foundation.

[21:40] wtkFleet35: look, think you’re talking to the wrong guy

[21:40] wtkFleet35: sorry

[21:40] OpenersHep: WAIT!

[21:40] wtkFleet35 has logged off.

Session Close (OpenersHep): Mon Mar 6 21:40:42 2006

Session Start (wtkFleet35:OpenersHep): Fri Mar 03 13:08:17 2006

[13:08] OpenersHep: Good. You’re online. Look, I know how that came off before – maybe a little… stalker-y? Sorry. But, I’ve gotta talk to you.

[13:10] wtkFleet35 has logged off.

Session Close (OpenersHep): Fri Mar 03 15:12:23 2006

Session Start (wtkFleet35:OpenersHep): Sat Mar 04 21:30:10 2006

[21:30] OpenersHep: William.

[21:30] OpenersHep: Are you there?

[21:40] wtkFleet35: enough already! Tell me who you are or I’m blocking ypi!

[21:40] wtkFleet35: you! this is ridiculous!

[21:41] wtkFleet35: 5

[21:41] wtkFleet35: 4

[21:41] OpenersHep: Stop

[21:41] wtkFleet35: 3

[21:41] OpenersHep: So, you’ll listen? If I tell you my name?

[21:42] OpenersHep: Promise not to boil your bunny

[21:42] wtkFleet35: cute

[21:44] OpenersHep: My name is Rachel B. I have information… it’s about Africa. Do you know what I’m talking about?

[21:50] wtkFleet35: not a clue

[21:50] OpenersHep: I don’t believe that. And neither do you.

[21:51] OpenersHep: The Hanso Foundation is using your vehicles, Bill. They’re hurting people, and your vehicles are part of it.

[21:51] wtkFleet35: that’s not possible

[21:52] OpenersHep: They’re being used for transport.

[21:52] wtkFleet35: my vehicles…

[21:52] wtkFleet35: are being used… for TRANSPORT?

[21:52] wtkFleet35: wow. Hope you didn’t strain anything coming up with that one.

[21:52] OpenersHep: You want to joke around, Bill? Or you want to know what’s REALLY going on?

[21:55] wtkFleet35: i have work to do. no time for your nonsense.

[21:55] OpenersHep: Fine. Take your time. Wallow in your denial. And when you come around, take a look at these files.

[21:57] *** OpenersHep is trying to send you "".

[21:57] OpenersHep: Whenever that night comes, when you can’t sleep cause the guilt’s eating you alive? Come find me.

[1:34] *** You have received F:\admin\my_docs\

Session Close (OpenersHep): Fri Mar 03 1:34:42 2006

Session Start (wtkFleet35:OpenersHep): Sun Mar 05 09:23:14 2006

[21:40] wtkFleet35: ok. tell me more?


On September 21, the following was added:

Session Start (wtkFleet35:OpenersHep): Thu Sep 21 1:58:03 2006

[1:58] OpenersHep: you there?

[1:58] wtkFleet35: Hello Rachel

[1:58] wtkFleet35: I was just thinking about you.

[1:59] OpenersHep: why's that? what's going on?

[1:59] wtkFleet35: Because

[1:59] wtkFleet35: You're on my mind

[1:59] OpenersHep: ...

[1:59] OpenersHep: trying to win creepy points, will?

[1:59] wtkFleet35: You should watch that tone

[1:59] OpenersHep: who is this?

[1:59] OpenersHep: obviously not william...

[1:59] OpenersHep: spit it out

[2:00] wtkFleet35: Did you really think you would get away with it Miss Blake?

[2:00] OpenersHep: what've you done with him?

[2:01] wtkFleet35: See what you have done Rachel?

[2:01] wtkFleet35: All the people you have hurt.

[2:01] wtkFleet35: And for what, hmm?

[2:01] OpenersHep: tell me you sicko

[2:02] wtkFleet35: Don’t worry about Mr. Kilpatrick. He is in good hands. He is helping others in ways he never imagined.

[2:03] OpenersHep: what is WRONG with you people?

[2:04] wtkFleet35: We promise not to boil his bunny.


[2:05] wtkFleet35: Oh, not to worry my dear. We already have


[2:05] wtkFleet35: By the way, nice place you have there in the Big Apple.

[2:07] wtkFleet35: Rachel dear….you there?

[2:07] *** "OpenersHep" signed off at Thu Sep 21 2:07:33 2006

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