Elizabeth Sarnoff: I mean, I think we were all hit by emotions that we didn't expect to feel, which was that I think we were all excited to get the show to its ending, but as soon as we came back after the Christmas break, I think we all started to feel really really sad.

Adam Horowitz: I'm not gonna close down the writer's room. I'll leave that to Disney to do.

Graham Roland: It's kinda like I would imagine if you were a professional athlete and you played a long season, had a really successful season, and y'now, it's the end of the year, and everybody goes their separate ways except we won't be seeing each other on another show next year.

Edward Kitsis: It's like leaving your apartment in college knowing you graduated and you're getting into your car to leave. You're excited about the next chapter of your life but you really loved the experience you just had.

Damon Lindelof: Closing down the writing room, we're trying not to think about it, there's a lot of amazingly great memories there, but I think that every time we go in there and it's just the two of us and the writers aren't in it, it's doesn't even feel like, it feels like it's a set. It's only the writer's room when the writers are there.

Carlton Cuse: It's a little bit like what's it like to be on a beach after there has been a battle or something like that, because the vestiges of everything that was collected over the six years is all scattered across the table.

Damon Lindelof: Kind of like, the last day that we spent in there was really the day that the writer's room ended.

Jim Galasso: I'm thrilled about the finale, I think it's gonna be fantastic.

Melinda Hsu Taylor: It was Damon and Carlton's script, so it's more like the ideas going into it, I think that I felt really good, there were a lot of emotional closure, there were a lot of great moments, and there's a lot of action-adventure stuff.

Adam Horowitz: I'm incredibly excited to see how people react to the finale, I think I'm very proud of how it's come out and how everything came together, and I hope everybody enjoys it.

Melinda Hsu Taylor: I would say it's about choices, individual choices, individual connections, how that always has the potential to be good, and often goes array just because people being what they are, they usually make mistakes, but the Island, of course, is a place where they get a second chance.

Paul Zbyszewski: It is really an original piece of work with its own legacy.

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