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Kris White: Hurley digs for answers, Sawyer digs for diamonds and Nikki and Paulo get in too deep. We'll have the dirt on all that and more on todays Official Lost Podcast hosted by

[Theme music]

Kris White : Welcome to the podcast for the episode "Left Behind". Executive producer Carlton Cuse is here today with two special guests: writers Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. They of course wrote last week's episode, and so have some special insight on "Exposé". Of course, they'll also be taking your fan questions and giving us a preview of next week's episode Left Behind, which airs Wednesday April 4th from 10pm to 11pm on ABC and is available the next day at Before we get to those guys though, we have a special featurette with Elizabeth Mitchell who plays Jack's new infatuation, Juliet.

[Theme music]

Kris White : In next week's episode of Lost entitled Left Behind, it seems that Kate and Juliet find themselves unexpectedly linked together by something more than just Jack, which is why we thought that before the season goes any further, we should stop and take a look back at just who Juliet is - or in this case, was.

Elizabeth Mitchell : I had always anticipated that she had been less strong and then became moreso. I had always anticipated that, yes. She was a completely different person back before. I mean, whatever happened to her on the Island, which we really don't know at this point - obviously, it had to have been something huge because, um, although brilliant, which I love - I love the fact that she's a brilliant woman because I always kind of knew that, I suspected, you know, like that was the way that it was, and I think everyone else does too. You can't help but think she's incredibly intelligent, but, to find out that she's actually brilliant, you know, and that she's the subservience that she has, the meekness that she has, the lack of spine that she has, is fascinating to me...and where she got that back is kind of, is kind of nice. I feel like she had been someone who kind of let everyone run all over her and then somehow...that's changed and I don't really know when that happened, but that wasn't so much a problem as it was really, kind of a joy, just that whole...'s neat.

Kris White : Did any of the flashback change the way that you treat some of the scenes, or some future scenes that came afterwards like, 'oh my god she had a sister'

Elizabeth Mitchell : Umm, sure..the sister, the sister part, the fact that she's probably really angry, like that, that was part of it too, I mean the fact that her ex-husband, who she still somehow was still you know, fairly obsessed with gets hit by a bus in front of her, I mean, that colors, definitely colors who you are, and that she also was somewhat complicit in her, her going to the island, I mean, she knew she was going there, she only thought it was for a specific amount of time, but that also was really intriguing to me, although I kind of was told that from the beginning, I mean she hadn't been there forever, and I knew she was, in her own way trapped.

[Lost clip of Ben, Jack, Juliet]

Elizabeth Mitchell : That was actually all pretty much a joy to do. The only thing I had a hard time on was when I went to ask for help from Jack, which was, for some reason, for Juliet, a very hard thing to do, so that was...and he doesn't give it to me, do you know, so that was really, also really hard, to not meet your objective, when she's such an objective-driven person, was really hard, like walking away from there, and knowing that I was gonna be, you know, very possibly killed because I couldn't get him know, do what I needed him to do, was really kind of excruciating...but the rest of it was, you know, it's always, it's always fun to work with Matthew (Fox), just because we both like to work so much, do you know, we really just work, we never talk, we just work, it's so much fun, so...

Kris White : What was so excruciating about it? Did you have to try approaching it in different ways for it to work, or...?

Elizabeth Mitchell : We, we played a little bit, it was more...kind of an expert game of tennis, really. She can't really tell him what she needs to tell him, but she needs to tell him enough where he'll help her. He's always helped her in the past, she's always been able to, in some way...I wouldn't say necessarily manipulate, but I mean, on a very elegant scale, that's what she does do, but I think that she was not able to manipulate him, she was not able to convince him to help her, and for the first time her motives were actually really quite straightforward and there and he just won't...he walks away.

Kris White : Now your character has a, a scarlet letter if you will, on her back...

Elizabeth Mitchell : My character has a scarlet letter, which he (Jack), he... he then nurtures her to know I think, I mean I think that's actually something that when we all read the scene, we, we came and we were like 'we really love this scene', there was something really quite beautiful about it, so, I think that it's... a wake-up call for her too, as to the people that she's with, and I think she's ashamed about that, because you know, I don't think we've seen her ashamed in any regard, but I think she's actually now starting to just... look out.

[Lost clip of Jack and Juliet]

Kris White : If you could have opted for any mark, what mark would you have opted for?

Elizabeth Mitchell : I think that's a pretty good one, I mean, if you're gonna get branded, I mean, why not be called a traitor... and, and a killer. No, I think that it's probably accurate for her way of thinking, I mean, she expresses remorse to Jack about the killing, so we have to take her at her word that that's how she feels... she did it in a cold way, but I have to think she just did, you know, that's how she does things. I do think she's fairly lethal, but I don't necessarily think she feels good about it, we'll have to see... I don't know if that's true or not. You always find out, you know, kind of so far, but from what i've been, I mean, I think she usually tells the truth, Juliet. That's my, my thought for her.

Kris White : Of course, Juliet isn't the only character on the island who can be lethal. As we learned last week, Nikki and Paulo have a bit of a dark side. To learn more about their exploits, we now turn it over to executive producer, Carlton Cuse, and fellow writers, Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz.

[Podcast theme music]

Carlton Cuse : Well hi guys, Carlton here, and Damon...

EK : The role of Damon will be played by his understudies... this is Eddy Kitsis...

AH : And this is Adam Horowitz

Carlton Cuse : Yes, Damon is not here today, he's busy doing other things today, including working on the finale episode, so i'm here with guest writer/producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz...

EK : Hello

AH : Hey

Carlton Cuse : ... and those of you who are fans of the show have probably seen their names on many of the better episodes of 'Lost', so we invited them in here to, to join us, to talk about "Exposé", an episode which, by coincidence, they happened to write. Eddy and Adam have worked on the show since, sort of... in the middle of the first season, they have worked on a lot of what are called 'locker shows', which are basically shows where... you know, kids are in a hallway with lockers... and worked on basically every WB show that was on the air, pretty much right?

EK : Pretty much, yeah

AH : We did our time.

Carlton Cuse : And, I actually met them on a very short-lived show, that most people would actually defy had actually been aired, called 'The Black Sash', that was on WB for a... brief moment in time, opposite the commencement of the Iraq war.

EK : Yeah.

Carlton Cuse : And, Eddy and Adam had been working on another Warner Brothers show called 'Birds of Prey', and came over to actually lend a hand on 'Black Sash', and I loved them dearly, recognized immediately their immense talents as writers, and when I got involved in 'Lost', and was looking to hire some new writers, I immediately thought of Eddy and Adam, however at that time, they were tied up on an excellent show called 'Life As We Know It', also on ABC, and, it took a loooong time to extract them from the... from the... grips of that show... right?

AH : Yeah, it is true, we basically owe everything to Carlton.

EK : Pretty much.

AH : Yeah.

Carlton Cuse : Not really, but it's nice of you to say.

AH : Will I get to see my children anytime soon?

Carlton Cuse : They're held hostage. Please understand that all these, all questions are being answered under, under threat of hostages. So, I want to... you know, we thought we'd start by talking a little bit, lets rehash Exposé.

EK : Excellent, that would be awesome

Carlton Cuse : So... so Eddy, talk about the twist of having Nikki and Paulo... be essentially bad people. I mean, how difficult was it to plot out their story, and how many of those details were planted several episodes ago, like the flushing of the toilet and the Pearl station. Lets start with the flushing of the toilet.

EK : Well... I would say, you know, really, season 1 was when we all discussed Paulo and Nikki, during minicamp, the idea of an actress that would be on the show...

AH : That came up, that idea came up, yeah, toward the end of, at the very end of season 1.

EK : Yeah, and then we just thought when was the right time to put them in? And I think this year, we realized, was, we'd introduce Paulo and Nikki, and as far as the toilet thing...

AH : ...What better way to introduce a character than a toilet flush.

Carlton Cuse : That's, that's true, there's not much you can do to excuse that.

AH : There's a way to announce a presence.

EK : Yeah, I mean, you immediately recognized... Paulo. You know, part of our idea was, to actually... you know, a lot of people been asking us 'well what about the socks?', which is what we call these background players... I mean, they all... here they are, they're in the show every week, and like, you know, we had actually brought Dr. Arzt out of the chorus, but we really hadn't and, you know, and certainly minor characters like Steve and Scott, but we hadn't really spent any time with them, and people had always thought well, there's a great source of characters and new character conflict and over time on the show we would actually meet some of these other characters and so, we decided we would do that with Nikki and Paulo, did that work out?

AH : I think it worked out... well I guess it's gonna depend on who you ask... (snickers)

Carlton Cuse : Didn't seem like the fans liked it too much.

AH : Well, I, I think the fans kept asking 'What about the socks?', and so we gave them the socks, and...

Carlton Cuse : Then they didn't like it.

AH : ...and then they said 'What about everyone else?' So...

Carlton Cuse : Who the hell are Nikki and Paulo was pretty much been... why are we bothering with them?

EK : Yeah, who the hell are Nikki and Paulo, but, I think that, you know, regardless of maybe the lot of setup we did this year, I think the payoff for Nikki and Paulo was worth introducing them no matter what, I mean, this, this is one of our... I would say that this is one of the, our favorite episodes that we've done this year... and, and the ending to us is...

AH : Anytime you get to bury someone alive...

Carlton Cuse : That's good television.

AH : That's good television... you can't, you can't buy that.

EK : I wasn't talking about television... (laughs)

Carlton Cuse : That's fantastic.

EK : But that was good too...

Carlton Cuse : That was good too, yeah... exactly.

EK : To be fair, the idea of burying them alive was of course Damon, who... can be darker than us I suppose.

AH : He has his dark moments.

EK : But, you know, for us, what was awesome about this episode was getting to go back and see Artz again, and all these great iconic moments from season 1 and season 2, and... kind of seeing them through the perspective of, of somebody you didn't realize was there.

AH : Yeah, you know... and, and writing for Boone and Shannon again was a lot of fun, and... you know, it was a really cool way to revisit all of this stuff, but it sort of felt like, you know... it needed that ending, it needed that... you know, sort of reason for going through this journey...

EK : ...And there was no other way for them to, to learn, I think, their lesson.

Carlton Cuse : Yeah, we'd always been, you know, we always had talked about basically, how we wanted to introduce Nikki as an actress, and basically play a scene from her show, and then, sort of... flip that revelation into oh my gosh, we thought, we're thinking we're seeing one kind of a story, but then we realize that it's actually just a show that she's acting in, and it ended up being just one scene in their flashback story, but I think it was a very effective way to establish her character, and, you know, really from very early on in the show we'd always wanted to have this sort of, actress who'd been like, in Australia working on a syndicated show, and then, Paulo was her boyfriend, and, you know, it was... it just didn't, it turned out we sort of were in this situation where when we started the season, we had... we were as always very ambitious and it's a little bit like going to the supermarket when you're really hungry and you buy like four things for dinner, and then you come home and you have one or, or... two... well, maybe you have three, but...

EK : Maybe three, but one definitely is gonna sit in the fridge for three months and you realize...

Carlton Cuse : ... and they were the ones sitting in the fridge. I mean, after we'd done all those episodes of the Others out there in the cages, and... you know, by the time we finally got back for the beach peoples... like, do we really have time for Nikki and Paulo? And the answer was... No.

AH : But, did we have time to bury them alive?

EK : We did. It's funny, because I remember very early on when we talked about it with you guys, and the original idea had been to do an entire episode that was... just Exposé the show... and the twist at the end would be... and what is the end of the teaser, which is 'oh my god, Nikki is on a show'. That cool idea stayed with us throughout the entire season until we finally got to this episode and found a way to work it into the story... but, I think if we could do what we wanted to we might have done a lot of Exposé episodes.

AH : Well listen, we're not, it's not just that the three of us are big fans of Exposé, you know, Hurley's a big fan, and John Locke's a big fan, and... if, if any of you have got any...

Carlton Cuse : Yeah, there was a secret... there was a cross there for those of you who might have missed it. John Locke in his backstory, before the kid arrived, he was in Exposé (I think he meant watching Exposé).

(A Woman (later revealed to be Christina Kim, one of the Lost writers) interrupts the podcast, delivering a message from Damon) CK : Hi, i'm really really sorry to interrupt, but... Damon wants to know if Vincent can have magic powers, and if it's ok if he dies in the finale?

Carlton Cuse : That's... Christina Kim...

AH : Christina Kim, ladies and gentlemen.

Carlton Cuse : of our other writers, come on in, Christina.

CK : I'm really sorry to interrupt, I just wanna sort through Damon's turf.

AH : Ok... Vincent can have magic powers

EK : ...but not in the finale.

AH : But not in the finale, he cannot die, but he can fly.

Carlton Cuse : He can talk, too.

AH : And it should be from magic DHARMA...

CK : ...flying, talking... OK, but not death.

AH : No, when he talks, it's through his paws.

CK : Can he talk in Korean?

AH : No, but he can talk in Hebrew.

CK : Ok.

Carlton Cuse : Thankyou Christina Kim.

CK : Sorry to interrupt, sorry.

Carlton Cuse : Thankyou very much... Ok, hey, so Adam, tell me about Billy Dee Williams.

AH : Billy Dee Williams, ok, what can we say about Billy Dee Williams, other than that it was probably the fulfillment of a lifelong dream to cast him. The part was conceived, written, and owned by Billy Dee Williams... well, for... and then owned by him.

EK : Adam wanted him so badly that Carlton and Damon...

AH : Yeah, here's the thing... my history with Billy Dee Williams goes back a long way, much further than he realizes, which is, one scene in 'The Empire Strikes Back', when I was a kid... and then, years years later on one of those WB shows that Carlton was talking about, a show called 'Popular' which Eddy and I worked on for a few years, we had wanted to cast him in a part, and... it ultimately didn't work out... the part didn't happen, but, they sent his headshot, and the headshot we got was Billy Dee in 'Empire' holding his blaster, and... so it hangs in my office, proudly inspiring me, keeping me going through... everything, and when this episode came forward, we knew who Mr. Lashade would be played by... there was no doubt.

Carlton Cuse : It was all the more... you know, rewarding because Jimmy Kimmel had done these fantastic little 'Lost' parodies featuring Billy Dee Williams cut into existing 'Lost' scenes...

AH : But, what was great about Billy Dee is that we wanted him so badly that Carlton and Damon came into our office and these looks on their faces like somebody just died, and they go, guys, we need to see you in your office, our office. And we, it was Defcon 1, we, we were like something really really really bad happened, and we're being pulled in alone, and they closed the door and they looked at us and they said Billy Dee passed... so, immediately

Carlton Cuse : We were crushed, we could not... it was like, unbelievable, it was like somebody saying there's no Christmas, or no Hanukkah.

EK : and then finally, by the time they told us they were kidding, we were so shell-shocked that we didn't believe them.

Carlton Cuse : Wasn't even, it wasn't even funny. Lets pre-hash a little bit about "Left Behind"... you guys looking forward to seeing that next week?

EK : I'm absolutely looking forward to seeing Kate and Juliet together.

Carlton Cuse : Yes... handcuffed together.

AH : Handcuffed together? You kidding?

Carlton Cuse : Come on, they gotta be showing that in the preview.

EK : They have to be, I mean if they're not... then I don't know what they're showing.

AH : And, and if they're not hinting that there's a, there's a monster...

Carlton Cuse : Then that's not good either.

EK : That's not good either.

Carlton Cuse : The monster, the monster's back... are you happy about that?

AH : It's been so long since we got to write MCGROARRRR on the page...

EK : Really, I mean, it's like an old friend coming to visit, it's like you just pick up right where you left off, it doesn't matter if it's been eight episodes or twenty.

Carlton Cuse : That's true. That's very true. Alright, should we get to some questions, Kris?

[Fan Question Fanfare plays]

Carlton Cuse : Alright, this is a good one for you guys, it's called, it's under the title 'How Long Does It Take You To Film?' posted by Adieu, A-U-D-I-E-U. Hello masters of 'Lost', and I think by that, by masters of 'Lost', they clearly mean Eddie and Adam...

EK : Wow.

Carlton Cuse : long does it take you to film one episode of 'Lost'?

EK : Well... usually about 8 days...

AH : Hanukkah.

EK : ...i'm dying here.

Carlton Cuse : Eight days, eight days first unit, and, and two days second unit, so like ten actual filming days, but it takes us a couple weeks to break and write a story, and then it takes at least a couple weeks to post the episodes so... ultimately it's about a five week process to make an episode.

EK : Which is amazing, because... we, you know, we do in five weeks what movies do in five months...and so it's amazing...

Carlton Cuse : ...or five years

EK : ...yeah, five years even... so, we may film eight pages a day, or six pages a day, and a movie does like a half a page.

AH : Carlton.

Carlton Cuse : Yes?

AH : This question is from Aziza1969. Damon and Carlton, in two of Hurley's flashbacks, there's reference to a man jumping off the roof of his financial adviser's building, we actually see the man falling through a window in the episode "Solitary", Hurley mentions the man in "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead". It would seem right up your alley to have this be one of your crosses Easter Eggs, but Locke was paralyzed for four years before Flight 815. And I am not sure Hurley had won the lottery four years previous to 815. Can you confirm or deny that the falling man is Locke.

Carlton Cuse : I can confirm that the falling man is not Locke. There's a lot of speculation about that, but, while a good idea for a cross, the timeline does not work out, and so indeed it was yet another unfortunate soul falling. You know, I think there's sort of are two things we do a lot of on the show, one is father issues and the other is people falling from buildings. So, uh, guys, this is from BlueBagelBear, 'Where is everyone?'. I know theres a lot of people on the show, but some of them we never see. We do not even see some of them walking around on the beach in the back ground. That's not one word. There's two words, back... ground. Like Rose, and her husband, Bernard, are they not shown in every episode because of time, or money, or is this supposed to be a clue, like they're not on the island at the same time. It seems like you would have at least have them in the back...ground.

AH : Well, Rose and Bernard, absolutely, you have to think of the island as everyone's having a life, like, you know, no different than anywhere else, and yeah, we may be focusing on Jack or Hurley at the time, and, at that time Rose and Bernard may be having a picnic down the beach, they may be eating, but, I will say this...

Carlton Cuse : ...or at the country club

AH : Yeah, at the country club.

Carlton Cuse : Playing bridge.

AH : Yeah, but, if I were a fan, I would be disappointed if I didn't see them this year, so...

Carlton Cuse : We will be seeing Rose...

EK : We will be seeing Rose and Bernard again.

AH : And they have, I, what I like to say is, a, a, they have a really awesome storyline coming up, and I think people will be really excited. They're not just coming on to be background, they're coming on to be, you know, players.

Carlton Cuse : But, but the truth is, we really wouldn't want to subject Rose and Bernard to just be standing around in the background in an episode, and while they are not regular actors on the show, they are recurring actors on the show, so, you know, when we have them on the show, we want to have them on the show with something to do, and we feel like we have a good storyline coming up for them, and we are actually very happy to have them back, and, it is, it has been too long

AH : Carlton, this is actually a perfect one for you. 'How do you come up with the names?' by SteadyCamJr, who's had 1 post in the last 90 days...

Carlton Cuse : I'd like to ask SteadyCamJr how he come, came up with his name, let's start there.

EK : Ooooooh.

AH : How do you come up with the names for new characters? Do you try and link the names to something about the character, base them on friends names, or do you just use something like

Carlton Cuse :, that's the greatest thing ever.

EK : I can tell you we will start using

Carlton Cuse : Is that like how you get like, your, you know, porn name or something? You know...

EK : Yes. It's your dog's name and your street name that you grew up on.

Carlton Cuse : Yeah, well ok. But no, we don't do that. We... we actually, some names are basically just generic, other names are very well chosen. Clearly, you know, certain characters are named after philosophers, and those philosophers, usually there's something in the work of those people that has, that is a clue, or some sense of, of who that character is, or something about who they are, so we try to create a little bit of linkage between, you know, maybe a character's sort of philosophical antecedent and, in their kind of current role on the show. Other times, characters are just sort of randomly named, and, the truth is, you know it's funny someone had actually joked there are certain similarities between 'Lost' and 'Heroes' and, there's a whole clearance thing that happens which is very interesting, you know the, this whole legal department has to make sure you know that we're not accidentally, you know, or intentionally disparaging someone in the choice of names, and so there's certain criteria by which you can use a person's name. If it's, you know, if there's a lot of people with the same name you can use it, cause it couldn't be a mistake in a single person's name. If there's only like one person with that name we usually have to change the name, so often times the names are selected by virtue of, you know, what'll actually clear.

EK : Can this clear?

Carlton Cuse : I don't know, but we're going there immediately...

EK : We are, that is, absolutely, you just saved Lost, SteadyCamJr.

Carlton Cuse : Ok, so, let me ask you guys another question here. Alright, so this is from Maxinova, 14 posts in the last 40 days. 'Thanksgiving and Christmas on the Island', I can't help but notice the Lostaways completely blew off Thanksgiving last year. It would've happened at the end of season two, so they were rather busy getting captured and blowing up the hatch so I can kind of understand, but are they gonna celebrate Christmas? Only a few more days in Island time to go. Unfortunately, our island's biggest Christian, Eko, is a little too dead to make a nativity scene...

AH : Well, you know what...

Carlton Cuse : You're talking about two big Hanukkah supporters

AH : Yeah, you know what, you're gonna have to... you know, like all holidays, it's timing, and the thing on the show is, i'm sure everyone would love to have Christmas, Aaron, it would be Aaron's first Christmas, it would be a nice way to get together, but... you know, you never know on Crazy Island what's gonna happen to ruin Christmas. The grinch could be the Others...

Carlton Cuse : I would say it's likely that Christmas will happen in year four, which, I mean, it ain't gonna happen in the finale, I mean again, because they'll be rather busy getting captured and blowing up things like the hatch you know, pretty much every finale has people getting captured and blowing something up.

EK : I would say that Santa Clause, by the way right now, is one of the rescue options. So, we're gonna... that's at this point...

Carlton Cuse : That's awesome.

EK : ...That's the best option they have.

Carlton Cuse : There are, sort of, two options I think. One option is Santa Clause arrives and that's the rescue option. Secondly, they wait until someone builds a Starbucks on the island.

EK : Oh, that's good. Well, you know what it would be is, is, Santa would land... his sled would be broken, and Sayid and Jack would have to track to find a part to fix the sled to get them off the island.

AH : And, but Santa gets injured... Hurley has to don the suit.

EK : There you go. That's a 'Lost' episode.

Carlton Cuse : ... and pretend, actually take over from Santa Clause on his... you know, entire nights of trek while Santa Clause is actually surgically repaired by Jack although Jack will have to cut his foot off with the giant luggage cart.

EK : Oh my god, and a flashback to Santa? This is great, this is 4x01.

Carlton Cuse : Santa's flashback.

AH : Santa's got a limp...phenomenal. Carlton, would you like another question?

Carlton Cuse : I would like one last question, and then we're out of here so fast. We're gonna run, we're running for

EK : Adam and I are fighting over it, but I think this one's gonna win solely on the subject matter, Adam, read the subject matter.

AH : The subject line is 'Where are you supposed to keep your chicken?' This comes from Mynameisunique42, 182 posts in the last 90 days. Locke says to Ben something like, if you really understood the Island, you wouldn't need to keep the chicken in the refrigerator... the more I think about this the more confused I get...

Carlton Cuse : What? Lets just say i'm confused right here

AH : I'm assuming that Mynameisunique42 is paraphrasing. There's four things that this guy is, Mynameisunique42 is... confused about. 1. the leftover chicken; is Locke suggesting the leftovers won't go bad if left outside the refrigerator.

Carlton Cuse : No.

AH : 2. the leftovers don't need to be saved because the Island will provide food when you need it, is that what he's suggesting?

Carlton Cuse : No.

AH: 3. is he suggesting the chicken is not Island kosher and shouldn't be eaten... or perhaps even... and then it just trails off.

Carlton Cuse : What do you guys think about that?

AH: Chicken is not Island kosher for sure. And lastly, is Locke suggesting Ben isn't healing fast enough because he is eating refrigerated food.

Carlton Cuse : Yes. That one is actually kind of true, I mean, I think that Locke is unhappy that Ben is using too many sort of, technological resources, and that he's losing perhaps, his sense of being in tune with the Island, and, I think that's thematically something which will become very important in future episodes, would that be fair to say?

EK : I think that is absolutely true Carlton, and this is not the last you'll see of chicken.

Carlton Cuse : Or John Locke... or Ben, or... what about Cooper and that box... so-called box... metaphoric box.

EK : A metaphoric so-called box...

Carlton Cuse : Are we getting back to that? I mean, how much longer will you have to wait?

AH : I would say, probably, that would be beginning of May?

Carlton Cuse : Totally. Yeah. Pretty Long. Well, not even that, no, end of April.

AH : It's a little after Arbor Day

Carlton Cuse : Okay, good. Well, they will be celebrating Arbor Day, and actually, tax day too. That's also a big holiday on the Island. Can you imagine what a holiday is when you don't have to file income taxes? I mean...

EK : Actually, that's rescue option three, the IRS comes... backtaxes... because of Hurley.

Carlton Cuse : That, that's, okay, the ending of the show has been revealed here on the podcast.

EK : The IRS fines Hurley for backtaxes owed on his 156, is it 156 million now?

Carlton Cuse : It's a lot

AH & EK : It's a lot of money.

EK : But it's the IRS versus Santa.

Carlton Cuse : Yeah, well, guys, this has really been enjoyable, thanks so much for coming on the podcast, Damon and I will be back next week to talk about "One of Us"LB, and we will be pre-hashing the next episode of the show.

EK : And I would like to thank Carlton for letting Adam and I come in here, and for bringing us to 'Lost', I mean, this has been amazing, so, thankyou Carlton.

AH : Thankyou Carlton

Carlton Cuse : Alright boys, peace out.

Kris White : That brings us to the end of this week's podcast, join us next time for more commentary and insight, including a humorous story from Josh Holloway about an adventure Daniel Dae Kim and him had on a boat in the middle of a storm, which paralleled their fictional lives just a little bit too much. Left Behind airs Wednesday, April 4th, from 10-11pm on ABC, and the next day on

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