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September 21st, 2007

Running Length: 26:44

Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse mark the anniversary of the crash of flight 815 in this special podcast, hosted by ABC.com. On this podcast fans were able to ask their questions on the air.

Daphne, from Florida (6 hours from Tallahassee )

  • Is there a definitive plan on who will end up with Kate?
    • Yes, but many things are yet to come, so we can’t make any assumptions.
  • Are the flash-forward scenes possible futures or is time fixed?
    • Time is fixed; they don't like the idea of multiple timelines or alternate futures. Therefore, the flash-forward scenes will happen

Caleb from Missouri

  • Given that the actor playing Richard Alpert has other projects, how will that affect the show?
    • His storyline will have to be parked for the moment, hopefully he will be on 1 or 2 episodes but his storyline demands more than just that.

Ryan from West Palm Beach

  • Are Nikki and Paulo dead?
    • Again, yes they are. The original plan was to spawn the story around the season, but given the poor reception from fans they decided to compress the story in just one episode.
  • When will we find out if Kate is pregnant with Sawyer's baby?
    • On the first episodes on season 4 (possible episode 4).
  • Is Mikhail alive?
    • He is dead.

Ending comments

  • New inside jokes for season 4, the banjo and the pants jokes will be gone.
  • Possible new video podcasts.
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