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November 6th, 2006

Running Length: 26:52

Podcast Description: Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse discuss the death of Mr. Eko and preview the fall season finale, "I Do" (11/8/06).

They discuss the following:

  • Eko was killed because Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje only wanted to be on the show for around a year, similar to Michelle Rodriguez (Ana Lucia).
    • Paulo and Nikki were a trick to try and make the audience think they would die.
    • They knew fans would be angry about Eko's death.
    • Bernard "better watch his back."
    • The other tailies are alive, living with the Others, or dead.
    • Yemi's comment (You speak to me as though I am your brother) is meant to imply that he is the Monster.
    • Eko's last words were "You're next", and Locke took this to mean plural "You're," as in the group.
  • Some people (Carlton's mother) have said that I Do is their best episode ever.
  • Damon and Carlton answer fan questions:
    • Their podcast is "in preliminary discussions" for being adapted for Broadway. This is a joke.
    • Cindy and the kids will resurface.
    • Episode 8 will answer questions about why the Others take children.
    • They avoid answering whether or not the Island can move from place to place.
      • Damon remarks that if the Island were on the back of a giant tortoise, it could move.
        • Damon repudiates that remark a few seconds later.
    • They partly avoid explaining what happened to the doctors seen in the Staff.
    • Once again, the Monster is not made of nanobots.
    • The book at the book club was in fact Carrie.
    • They heavily imply that the Monster can manifest as people.
    • I Do will be the first episode to really return to the beach.
      • They may have meant to say that after "I Do", the series will return to the beach, seeing as there were no beach scenes at all.
    • Carlton would be Sawyer on the show, Damon would be Claire (because he likes her hair).
    • They avoid answering whether or not a return to the Black Rock will occur.
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