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  • Show finished editing on Monday, May 3, 2010. Finale is 2.5 hours and edited in 6 days.


  • The idea of killing off half of the candidates in one swoop was the plan for a long time.
  • They considered that Jin was choosing staying with Sun over raising his daughter.


  • Allison Janney is in it.
  • Second last episode is titled "What They Died For" and is the first part of the suite that ends the show. There will be "radio silence" by Damon and Carlton after the Kimmel episode after the finale.

Viewer questions

  • Why did the survivors at the end of The Candidate not mention Lapidus?
    • Their closest ties were to the other Oceanic passengers. They may mention him in the next episode.
  • Why isn't Kate a candidate?
    • It will be addressed by the characters and answered by the show.
  • Do the whisperers work for the man in black?
    • No.
  • What are the rules Ben and Widmore talked about?
    • There are rules but they aren't going to be fully explained on the show. There will be more information given about the ones important to the situation.