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May 26th 2006

Running Length 29:43

Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse recap the season finale, "Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1."


  • The crew started writing "Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1" four weeks before the episode aired. The episode was shot in seventeen days with two simultaneous crews, and was finished just five days before airing.
  • The four-toed statue was already being planned a while ago and is a lead to Season 3 where there will be attention to an archaeological theme and to the people who were on the island before the DHARMA Initiative, who arrived in the late 1970s.
  • The producers suggest that the triggering of the fail safe device by Desmond will be significant in the romantic relationship between Desmond and Penelope, and that it was that action leading to the anomaly that made the island visible to the scientists working for her. The fact that the scientists missed an anomaly before may refer that the other anomaly was on September 22.
  • Matthew Fox did NOT play one of the Portuguese speaking men, who spoke Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Why didn't Hurley attack Michael? There wasn't much choice, as Jack said: going back wasn't even an option. The producers agree that character emotions and development sometimes have to be a casualty of war in intense episodes as the finale.
  • There will be no reruns next season. In September, the season starts with six episodes ending with a mini-cliffhanger. After a break of 12 weeks the remaining 17 episodes will air uninterrupted in spring.
  • The monster will definitely be back in season 3. The reason that the monster was not very present in season 2 is that there was simply not enough time. But: "There's a good chance that we actually saw the monster this season, but didn't realize that we were looking at the monster" (dixit Lindelof).
  • Nothing is introduced into Lost unless it is known how it resolves.
  • A big question in season 3 will be: "Why Jack, Sawyer and Kate?"
  • Questions will be answered in season 3, like: "How did Locke get into the wheelchair?", "How did Jack get his tattoo?", Kate's Marriage and of course "What happened to the Hatch?".
  • The romantic level and the interpersonal relationships will get more attention in season 3, thanks to more flashbacks.