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Thoughts on Finale

  • Mythological Advancement
  • Annoyance
    • Waiting 8 months to find out what happens next

Follow the Leader Rehash

The Incident Prehash

  • Will learn more about Locke's Resurrection.
  • Will learn more about killing Jacob
    • Killing Jacob depends on what Jacob is.
      • Joke about Jacob being 60 feet tall and made of flames.
      • Talk about different, better endings of "Follow the Leader"
  • Raise question about Kate, Sawyer, and Juliet getting back to the Island. (The fact that they get back to the Island was spoiled by Promos)

Radio Silence

  • Last appearance until ComicCon.
    • Last ComicCon Appearance


  • Why is Locke always prevented from climbing the vines at the Beachcraft site? ("Deus Ex Machina")  ("?")  ("Because You Left")
    • Joke that 60 foot tall flaming Jacob lives up there.
      • They ran out of ideas so they reused that one. (It's a motif.)
  • Why does the compass appear to be in a time loop?
    • It was not a mistake. It was totally intentional.
      • If Jack is successful with his mission, He will free the compass.
  • Is the DHARMA video released last year intentional, or a mistake?
    • It was intentional that it did some foreshadowing, and a mistake because they weren't able to do an ARG, and they changed what Faraday did for three years.
  • Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys?
    • Hurley: Good, Kate: Good, Richard Alpert: Haven't decided, Frank Lapidus: Good, Sayid: "Depends on the day", Flaming 60 foot Jacob: Good
  • Was it because Shannon had such a bad French that you shot her? Was it because Charlie said in the first episode that he was never so happy to hear the French that you flooded him? Is it possible that you cut off Montand's Arm because he had a stronger Quebec accent? Is it possible that because Jacob is french that he's spending his whole life in a cabin without a shower?
    • Yes, Yes, Yes, YES!
  • When will we have enough information to adequately theorize about the end of the show.

Closing words

  • See you at ComiCon
  • Thank you to everyone
  • Thank you to Kris White for another year at the headphones