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May 8, 2006

Running Length 27:51

Podcast Description: Creator/executive producer Damon Lindelof and executive producer Carlton Cuse discuss the episode "?". Naveen Andrews talks about playing an Iraqi character on network television.

Naveen Andrews interview

Talks about:

  • playing an Iraqi character.
  • the challenges of the Arabic scenes.
  • shooting the final scene with Maggie Grace (Shannon) in "Abandoned."
  • corpsing.

Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse

"Two for the Road" rehash

"?" prehash

Fan questions

  • Damon and Carlton explain why they refer to the background survivors as "socks."
  • Is the DHARMA hexagon symbol of Chinese origin?
    • DHARMA did borrow the bagua symbol for their logo.
  • How did Locke become such a good hunter? It couldn't have been just a few hunting trips with his dad?
    • "The part of the story in which we learn how Locke got to be as proficient as he is is yet to come."
  • Does Locke work for the government or the Others?
    • No.
  • We were supposed to watch out for the Widmore Construction sign in Charlie's flashback, then Sun's pregnancy test said Widmore Labs on it. Will there be more Widmore?
    • "There will be more Widmore... The name Widmore might be popping up in the finale."
    • Carlton says he heard a rumor that there are two branches of the Widmore family: a British branch and an American branch.
  • "Did the Others do something to Michael's head? His face was pretty strange when he crash [sic] in front of Jack and Kate, like an OD kind of thing, like he was drug [sic] up, so my thinking is are the Others messing with Michael [sic] head to make him go back to the beach and go get everybody to go after them, and by doing that, the Losties will cross the territory line, and then all the Losties get captured and put in some kind of experiment, like an underwater hatch? Am I getting lost or not? Please let me know what you guys think of this."
    • Carlton jokes, "Oh my god, I cannot believe you would just give away the finale and read all that."