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"Cork" has long been used as a metaphor for the island by the writers.

MIB unlocking Richard is from The Stand.

Richard sailed from the Canary Islands.

There was a storm after we saw the boat in the season 5 finale. (Presumably it's the Black Rock although they don't explicitly state it.)

Probably more storms on the island before the show's over. "Storm" is a good metaphor.


The Package is Sun & Jin centric. The "package" of the title will relate to them. The episode will reveal how Jin ended up in the freezer.

Viewer Questions

Can Jacob alternate between his human form and other forms? (hasn't been seen on the show yet. MIB might have been Kate's horse.)

What do the Others call themselves? (they didn't have their own name. not one group of people; defined more by geography.) Was Richard the origin of the Others? (not sure)

LIBBY??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!! (Libby will appear on the show again.)

Why did the Others start off so strong and then get weak in the later seasons? (a dojo in new otherton closed.)

Where is Desmond? (highly likely he will appear in relatively near future)

Titles for a cop show based on the Ford & Straume as cops flashsideways. (more of them will appear on the show)

Can the monster only take the form of dead people? Was Dave on the island the smoke monster? (a character on the show will ask a question like these and get an answer from someone who knows)

Whose side would you be on, Jacob's or Flocke's? (is it possible that MIB is not evil and Jacob is the manipulation? it's possible)

The final episode is titled "The End".