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March 1, 2006

Running Length 27:06

Podcast description: Part 1 of an interview with Jorge Garcia ("Hurley"). Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse recap "One of Them" and preview "Maternity Leave."

Jorge Garcia interview

  • The producers discovered him because of a guest starring role on Curb Your Enthusiasm.
  • In junior high, he was in the musical Drabble.
  • He's a big music fan.

Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse

"One of Them" rehash

  • Henry Gale was an intentional Wizard of Oz reference.
  • They confirm that Kate's father, Sam Austen, was the soldier in Sayid's flashback.
    • The picture he was holding was an actual picture of Evangeline Lilly at age 13.
  • Carlton thinks it was good that Locke entered the code before the last hieroglyph stopped spinning. Damon, however, thinks that nothing would have happened.

"Maternity Leave" prehash

Fan questions

  • A fan hates Sawyer for (among other things) killing the tree frog.
    • "No actual tree frog was harmed in the making of the show. It was actually a special effects tree frog."
  • Will we get flashbacks from Damon and Carlton's lives?
    • They say that there is actually an interesting "cross" that they had several years before they knew each other and that they will discuss it in a future podcast.
  • Are the Helen from "Orientation" and the Helen from "Walkabout" the same person?
    • No. "There is a real Helen, and then there is Locke's efforts to relive his relationship with Helen by having someone pretend to be Helen."
  • Do any of the following have anything to do with the Island purpose?
    • 2012 Venus transit / End of the Mayan 4th age: No
    • Hallian pole reversal: No
    • Indigo children: No