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January 30, 2007

Video Podcast Description: Opens with the announcer who reveals his name to be Kris. The podcast then cuts to Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse who confirm episode 7, "Not in Portland", will be a Juliet flashback. The podcast shows a lot of previously unseen footage from "Not In Portland". Including short scenes between Jack and Juliet.

They discuss later in the season, and talk about us learning exactly what happened to Desmond, and that he will have a prophecy of one of the characters which will have very significant consequences on everybody.

The podcast also confirms that Lost Season 3 DVD will be released Fall 2007. Podcast shows exclusive footage of some of the bonus features that will be on the DVD. It shows behind the scenes clips from "Every Man for Himself" when The Others had Sawyer tied up and were about to con him with the "pacemaker".

This video podcast contains short "comments" from many members of the Lost cast with: Elizabeth Mitchell, Michael Emerson, Josh Holloway, Dominic Monaghan, Henry Ian Cusick and Daniel Dae Kim.

This video podcast lasts 6 minutes and 25 seconds, with a size of 32.1MB.

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