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January 17th, 2006

Running Length: 24:03

Podcast description: This installment features Part I of an interview with actor Harold Perrineau, who plays Michael. Also, producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse give out more exclusive clues and a preview of the episode "The Hunting Party."

Harold Perrineau interview

  • He likes projects that are steeped in mythology.
  • He was surprised that Michael and Jin became friends. He had previously thought that Michael and Sun might get together and that Michael and Jin would be always fighting each other.
  • He and Daniel Dae Kim have become good friends off screen.

Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse

"The 23rd Psalm" rehash

Damon and Carlton speculate/comment on Eko's encounter with the Monster:

  • The Monster's flashes "seemed to be moments from Mr. Eko's life, some of which we might not have even seen yet."
  • Damon: "I don't know what I would intuit by the fact that the Monster was in some way almost sort of an Ethernet connection to his emotions, but was in some way downloading his fears and anxieties." Carlton: "And analyzing them." Damon: "And then was somehow able not to attack him based on the fact that Eko didn't seem particularly afraid of it, which might explain why Locke was not savaged by the Monster in Season 1."
  • Carlton: "The Monster might be reacting to certain aspects of the character that he is facing."

"The Hunting Party" prehash

  • Jack flashback.
  • Will partially explain what happened to Jack's marriage.
  • The next run of episodes will focus more on the original fuselage characters, rather than the new tail section characters.
  • Michael might be planning something as a result of his IMing.

Fan questions

  • The idea that the button controls the Island's visibility is brought up in a question, which Damon promptly ignores.
  • The logo on the shark from an earlier episode is confirmed by both Cuse and Lindelof to be intentional. They do not explain what it means, but Lindelof hints it is tied into the issue of the Island's invisibility (or indivisibility, as he jokes).
  • DHARMA is not an anagram, but it is an acronym.
  • Janelle is asked about in a question, neither confirming involvement in the Lost Diary.
  • Damon and Carlton are asked when Lost will resume being broadcast in India. They don't seem to know, but they assume that it will be soon.
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