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February 4, 2010

Running Length: 23:33

Podcast Description: Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse discuss the season premiere of LOST.

  • The gap in the title "LA X" is intentional, which you can arrive at several different interpretations.
  • Season 6 is showing two timelines. One timeline seems to be that when the bomb went off, what Faraday postulated occurred, and the plane crash was reset. The other timeline is on the Island, the bomb jumped them forward in time to the present.
  • The writers are specifically not referring to the flash-sideways as an "alternate" or "bizarro" timeline or reality. Both realities are equally real.
  • The two timelines will eventually reconcile and the interrelation between them will be understood.
  • The writers allude to the bomb's detonation as causing a butterfly effect which accounts for the numerous changes in the flash-sideways timeline. This is also related to why the Island is underwater, which will be addressed later in the show.
  • The writers want the audience to ask about the implications of what would happen as a consequence of the bomb's explosion, such as whether Widmore would still host a race around the world, whether Desmond would still train in the stadium, etc.
  • Locke lied about going on a walkabout.
  • Sun may have been telling the truth when she said "No English".
  • The characters are essentially the same, but more things have changed than you possibly expect, and this will be explored this season.
  • The series of events that led Hurley to consider himself lucky now is an interesting question.
  • You should be able to enjoy the flash-sideways for their own merits and getting to learn about the characters all over again a second time.
  • There will be subtle things to make you wonder what is going on.
  • You have to be patient to find out the stakes of the sideways stories and why they matter.
  • Locke is the smoke monster, which wasn't obvious to some people
  • Next episode is called What Kate Does, in reference to What Kate Did.
  • We will learn more about Sayid's revival in this episode.
  • Was Sayid really dead, is a question, as per the rule of "dead is dead".
  • What are the consequences of Sayid being raised by the murky water? It would have been better if the water was clear.
  • Answering how exactly Walt attracts birds would be too "midi-chlorian".
  • The Numbers don't correspond to a date.
  • You'll see more of Frogurt this season.
  • Adam and Eve and the black and white stones will be addressed in the last few episodes.
  • Walt forgave Hurley of the 83,000 dollar debt from backgammon.
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