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February 20th, 2007

Running Length: 28:40

Henry Ian Cusick talks about the challenges of playing Desmond. And Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse answer the question, did Desmond really travel through time? They tease "Stranger in a Strange Land."

Things that were established in this podcast:

  • Desmond really did go back in time in when he turned the key.
    • The "flashbacks" of "Flashes Before Your Eyes" occur in 1996.
    • Future flashback episodes for Desmond will most likely be the traditional kind.
    • Desmond's original timeline did not include him getting hit with the bat.
    • Desmond's original timeline may have involved getting the photograph of him and Penelope taken at a different time with two photos instead of one.
  • The "flashback" events of "Flashes Before Your Eyes" happen before the flashback events of "Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1".
    • A future Desmond flashback will show what happened during his time in the military.
  • The "honor" spelling on the recruitment poster in "Flashes Before Your Eyes" was a blooper.
  • Ms. Hawking was referring to all of humanity when she said "every one of us will die" if Desmond doesn't push the button.
  • Danielle hasn't been sought out by the Losties for answers because they think she is unstable and her information unreliable and unrevealing.
  • Danielle will have her own flashback in Season 4, which may include the loss of Montand's arm, but she could also make an earlier appearance in someone else's flashback.
  • Juliet was DEFINITELY NOT looking at pictures of her own womb in the future in "Not in Portland".
  • The producers determine the "big mythological beats" well in advance but do not plan the specific character beats to the same degree. For example, when we first saw Desmond, they knew about Penny and about the failsafe, but hadn't worked out exactly what the results of the failsafe would be yet.
  • The appearance of the boy dragging a teddy bear was *not* an intentional reference to Peter Pan although they recognize the similarities in hindsight.
  • "Stranger in a Strange Land" will reveal the origins of Jack's tattoos, and Cindy will return. They imply that the children will also be seen.
  • An episode in the future will be named "The Man from Tallahassee".
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