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April 23, 2009

Running Length: 22:12

Podcast Description: Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse talk about Ewoks and prehash LOST's 100th episode "The Variable."


  • Damon and Carlton are a week off from having the final edit for the season finale.
  • Damon and Carlton are traveling to Paris to accept the 'Jules Verne' award on behalf of the show. Opportunities had been missed before to travel (because of the show) but this excursion settles nicely with the timeline of finishing the finale when they did.
    • Damon's french is 'not well.'
    • See the French article LOST à Paris for more information on the event
  • Today is Kris' birthday.


  • "The last episode of romping around in DHARMA times..." As mentioned in the previous podcast, "Some Like It Hoth" provided some levity for viewers. Damon says further, "No more hootenannies."
  • A send-up is given to all the fans who predicted the connection between Miles and Dr. Pierre Chang.
    • When asked about having fan theories foil plot-lines, the writers do not alter the outcome but do have a fun time in making the stories more exciting based on that knowledge.
  • (Joking) The original title for this episode was, 'That Douche Is My Dad.'
  • The next (14th) episode is title is "The Variable".
  • This could be considered the sister episode to "The Constant".
  • Faraday is in it.


  • Why does Sawyer even bother wearing shirts?
    • Wardrobe needs to get paid for something.
      • Damons favorite aspects of Sawyer include his glasses, his ability to hit people when they aren't expecting it, and his ambidexterous nature. Carlton then "punches" Damon in the face to demonstrate the usefullness of the surprise punch attack.
  • Why was there only one helicopter on the freighter but two which came to the Island?
  • Can Phil be saved from the DHARMA Initiative/The Purge?
  • Will the Black Rock be repaired and sailed into the sunset?
    • Cool idea.
  • What is Ben's favorite television show?
    • Nightline. He has a Ted Koppel obsession.
  • Will [Darlton] retract/apologize for the statement Hurley makes in "Some Like It Hoth", "Ewoks suck."
    • No
      • They knew this was a contrversial issue.
  • When will Daniel's memory issues be resolved?
    • Confirmation that Daniel had been experimenting on himself, experimenting on Theresa Spencer (confirmed girlfriend), and the experimentation has caused these memory problems and Theresa's vegetative state.
  • What's with the flip-top beer cans in 1977? They were still using pull tabs.
    • What's to say DHARMA didn't patent the flip top design themselves?
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