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April 19th, 2008

Executive Producers Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse answer (italics) fan questions in advance of "The Shape of Things to Come" (4/24/08). This was a special video podcast in which fans asked questions via video clips (with the exception of one audio clip).

Jennette Pia

Q: Is the smoke monster controlled by the Island or is it controlled by the Others

In episode 9, the question will be answered to a degree. A character might say "we have no control over smokie" which might partially answer the question.

Jenna Galazen

Q: Who attacked Rousseau, Karl and Alex?

We will know who did it by the end of the next episode

Kat French

Q: Since Danielle is allegedly dead, are we ever going to get her flashback? Are we ever going to find out if her name is really Rousseau? Are we ever going to find out what happened to Montand and his arm?

You will know what Rousseau's fate is in 4x10. Regardless of her fate, her story will eventually be told. No answer on Montand's arm

Robbie Wallace

Q: Which camp did some of the lesser known castaways go with such as Steve and Neil. Which camp would Ezra James Sharkington and Joop go with?

Neil Frogurt stayed with Jack because he is loyal to Jack and he doesn't get along with Hurley. Steve went with Locke because he doesn't like Jack and doesn't like the beach.

Ryan Wilson

Q: Are we going to see Ms. Hawking again?

Ryan wilson
Ryan Wilson asking his question.

She is a character used to explain complicated things in time travel episodes. We may find out why she was in the picture with the monk and she may appear again.
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