While hurrying to catch Flight 815, Hurley gets his ticket checked in by an Oceanic Airlines ticket agent.

The agent first delays Hurley by entering his computer information very slowly, although she claims she is working as fast as the system she is using will allow. She then delays him even further by requiring him to purchase an extra ticket because of his weight, to which he impatiently agrees. Only after she is done does she reveal that he has arrived at the wrong terminal, noting that maybe he is not "meant to make this flight." However, determined to arrive at home in time for his mother's birthday, Hurley rushes to the right gate and successfully boards the plane, which eventually crashes on the Island. ("Exodus, Part 2")


  • Although being an unnamed character, the ticket agent is in fact named, as her name is shown on her nametag. However, her name is unidentifiable in the episode. Therefore, she is considered as an "unnamed character".
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