"Ocean's Apart"
3x09-Oceans Apart
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©2008 Varèse Sarabande and Michael Giacchino

"Ocean's Apart" is a orchestral piece from the Season 3 soundtrack, and Juliet Burke's character theme. It starts with a i - IV - III - IV chord progression.

Main appearance

Isabel reads Jack's tattoos. Jack helps the Others put Ben into a rowboat.

Sawyer and Kate continue home through the jungle. Karl looks up at the stars, and we see that Alex is looking at them as well. Jack and Juliet look at each other.

Full list of appearances

"Ocean's Apart" and its variations play in the following scenes.


The piece's theme appears in "Heavy Metal Crew," "The Incident", "Smokey And The Bandits", "Sticking to Their Guns" and "We Can Go Dutch".

Title significance

The title refers to Karl and Alex being literally "oceans apart", while Kate and Sawyer are emotionally separated. The apostrophe in the title may be misplaced as it implies possession. It may also instead play on the title of the Ocean's movie series.

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