Nozz-A-La is a fictional brand of root beer-like soda, used by Stephen King in the "Dark Tower" series, as well as the TV miniseries Kingdom Hospital.

Henry Gale's balloon appears to have been sponsored in part by "Nozz-a-La Cola". The decal logo does not match King's description (identical to Coca-Cola's except for the name); however, that is likely a trademark issue.


  • Damon Lindelof is a Stephen King fan [1].
  • Wizard and Glass, the 4th Dark Tower book, is when Nozz-A-La first appears, and contains parallels to The Wizard of Oz, much like Henry and his balloon. They also journey through the world of The Stand, a confirmed influence on Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.
  • In 5th Dark Tower book The Wolves of the Calla, the main characters face off against creatures that have features similar to Marvel Comic's Doctor Doom character and use sneetches, which first appeared in the Harry Potter Series. King seems to indicate that since his Dark Tower is the lynchpin of all realities, its decay is causing all realities to bleed into each other, even the fictional ones created by other people as well as our reality, where Stephen King, Lost, you, and I exist.
  • There is a product website at http://www.nozzala.com, however this appears to be a King fan-site with no connection to Lost.
  • In The Fireman, novel by Joe Hill, Nozz-A-La is the name of the soda recovered in a looting excursion.

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