Broadcasted by TVNORGE

When Wednesdays at 9:35 pm (21:35) CET(GMT + 01:00) and reruns at 12:35 am (00:35) CET Fridays

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Dubbed No


Subtitled Yes

First season DVD was released November 2005. Second season DVD was released in October 2006.

On average, there are around 700,000 viewers per episode. This is a considered a fairly large number, when Norway is a country of only 4.7 million people.

TVNorge started broadcasting Season 4 on 27 February 2008 which meant Norway was 4-5 episodes behind the first airdate of the episodes, but because of the unintentional hiatus in the United States LOST was airing only 6 days after the US.

With Season 5 LOST is finally available in High Definition

Norway in Lost

Hurley made the mistake of calling the Nigerian beechcraft the "Norwegian plane". ("The Long Con")

"Alvar Hanso aka Ivar Andreas Nordmark

The building where you see Alvar Hanso in the Swan station orientation film, as seen in Orientation is actually the town hall in Narvik. The person actually in the building is the old city manager in the township Narvik. He is the father of a football coach named Ivar Morten Nordmark. This is what he said about the footage: "Well, the image is not very clear and crisp, but it does very much resemble my father Ivar Andreas Nordmark Sr."

The Lost Experience

The storyline of the alternate reality game The Lost Experience went to Norway, including comments on September 24 by DJ Dan, as well as the climactic conclusion, the Norway Video.

M. David Benson, the founder of the Apollo Candy Company, is also described as originally being for Norway in his biography.

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