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Widmore, Nadia's employer, killed her

Nadia is a Widmoreperative: she was in London, where Widmore lives, in Greatest Hits, and was spying on Locke in California. Either Bakir was ordered to kill Nadia because she had "gone rogue", or they were former lovers, and he killed her because she had fallen in love with Sayid. Bakir appears at Nadia's funeral - why would he go to the funeral if he had no relationship to Nadia other than as a target chosen by his boss?

  • Nadia was killed because Sayid told her the truth about the Island. Widmore's objective is to keep the Island a secret. That is why he staged the plane wreckage. As long as the Oceanic Six continue to lie about what happened on the Island, Widmore has no problem with them. But as soon as they stop lying and start telling the truth about what happened, Widmore will kill them. Sayid eventually broke down and told Nadia the truth about what happened, so she was killed. Bakir probably intended to kill Sayid also but was thwarted when Jacob stopped Sayid from crossing the street.

Bakir targeted Sayid

Ishmael Bakir was hired to kill Sayid and would have succeeded if Jacob had not asked Sayid for directions. Nadia died as an accident.

Sayid lied to Rousseau for Danielle's sympathy

Sayid was under duress at the time, as Rousseau's prisoner, yet he was also experienced at interrogation, which Rousseau was attempting upon him. Sayid purposefully lied to Rousseau because he knew that saying his lover was dead would engender sympathy. He was manipulating Rousseau as she was interrogating him. Quite ingenious when one thinks about it.

  • Sayid, at the moment of his interrogation with Rousseau, was at his weakest point. He claimed her dead because, in his deepest fears, he thought her dead because he blamed himself for failing to convince her to implicate somebody else in the bombing and going free (I mean, she said she wanted to stay to look forwards to their visits!). He later said in the episode, that she may still be alive because he was stronger, and could look past that fear and have hope.--Master Tej (talk) 03:35, March 24, 2014 (UTC)

Sayid on the island feared Nadia really had died

Sayid thought that the CIA had reneged on their agreement as he hadn't arrived to meet Nadia. He believed that they turned her over to the Iraqi government, where she would have been executed.