The characters from Lost, especially Sawyer, often give each other nicknames on Lost. Objects and places are also the subjects of various nicknames used by the characters. The below list is in alphabetical order.

By characters[]

By Ana Lucia Cortez[]

By Anthony Cooper[]

By Leslie Arzt[]

By Ben Linus[]

By Boone Carlyle[]

By Bram[]

By Caesar[]

By Carmen Reyes[]

By Charles Widmore[]

By Charlie Pace[]

By Charlotte Lewis[]

By Claire Littleton[]

By Clementine Phillips[]

By Christian Shephard[]

By Dave[]

By Desmond Hume[]

By Donovan[]

By Eloise Hawking[]

By Edward Mars[]

By Frank Lapidus[]

By Helen Norwood[]

By Hibbs[]

By Horace Goodspeed[]

By Howard L. Zukerman[]

By Hugo "Hurley" Reyes[]

By Jack Shephard[]

By Jason[]

By Johnny[]

By Juliet Burke[]

By Kate Austen[]

By Kelvin Joe Inman[]

By Kilo[]

By Liam Pace[]

By Lily[]

By John Locke[]

By The Man in Black[]

By Martin Keamy[]

By Michael Dawson[]

By Mike Walton[]

By Miles Straume[]

By Naomi Dorrit[]

By Neil[]

By Nikki Fernandez[]

By Paulo[]

By Penny Hume[]

By Danny Pickett[]

By Randy Nations[]

By Ray Shephard[]

By Roger Linus[]

By Rose Nadler[]

By Sam Austen[]

By James "Sawyer" Ford[]

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People in general:

Animals, places, objects, and events:

Non Canon:

By Sayid Jarrah[]

By Shannon Rutherford[]

By Starla[]

By Stuart Radzinsky[]

By Tom[]

By Walt Lloyd[]

By Warren[]

By fans[]

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By cast/crew[]



The "A-Team"[]

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The "A-Team" plus Claire plan to draw out Ethan. ("Homecoming")

The "A-Team" is a fan term for the Lost characters who most frequently go on expeditions and/or participate in offensive or defensive strikes against the Others. The composition of the "A-Team" is not fixed, but generally includes:

References in Lost[]


The "A-Team", minus Sayid and plus Ana Lucia, discuss a response to the attack on Sun. ("The Long Con")

  • There have been references to the "A-Team" in the show. In "Everybody Hates Hugo", Charlie accused Locke of keeping him out of the loop and called the Black Rock expedition "swanning off on the bloody A-Mission." Sawyer also used the term in "Exposé", stating the "A-Team" (in this case, Kate, Sayid and Locke) took all the guns.
  • Sawyer used the phrases "jibba-jabba" and "lets roll" in the episode "Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1", which were catchphrases of Mr. T on the original The A-Team TV show.
  • A parody video on Youtube mixes various Lost scenes with The A-Team intro music, complete with credits, explosions, and B.A. Barracus' gold chain (which happens to be montaged on Hurley).

Parody on YouTube:[]



A "redshirt" is a background character in a TV show, generally one whose primary purpose in the narrative is to get killed. The name comes from the original Star Trek series, where security personnel wore red shirts (vs. gold for command crew, blue for scientific, et al). There was usually at least one of them on exploration teams, and one of them would usually die. They have also been referred to as "socks" or "meat-filled socks" by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse on the Official Lost Podcast. They have also been referred to as "log-carrying people" on The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack.

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  • In the Season 2 Extras DVD feature "The World According to Sawyer," several of the actors, writers, and producers are interviewed throughout a montage of Sawyer-specialty nicknames.

Sawyer's nickname generator[]

There is a feature on ABC.com that gives nicknames to users based on a series of questions. This is a list of nicknames given, in alphabetical order:

  • Big Bad Wolf
  • Chewie
  • Dr. Giggles
  • Ferdinand
  • Freebird
  • Grimace
  • Hawking
  • Lightbulb
  • Pippi Longstocking
  • Prince Charles
  • Sugarpop
  • Tinkerbell
  • Whitesnake
  • Whiteout

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