March 7, 2006

'Lost': Aronofsky will not direct


Fans of both the hit TV show Lost (which features a guy haunted by a sinister sequence of numbers) and indie filmmaker Darren Aronofsky (whose breakthrough film, Pi, was about a dude obsessed with devilish digits) will have to wait a bit longer to see if these two geek tastes can taste great together.
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Suspect arrested in robbery of 'Lost' actor
Police have arrested the man who allegedly robbed at gunpoint "Lost" TV series actor Josh Holloway and his wife in their home in October.
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March 8, 2006

'She’s Not Your Basic Chick on TV


Most recently, she’s become ABC’s go-to girlfriend for their leading men—she had a recurring role dating Jake (John Stamos) on Jake in Progress, and she’s guest-starred as the fiancée of Jack (Matthew Fox) in flashbacks on Lost.
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This Is the Tale of Our Castaways
THERE is a grown-up love story unfolding on "Lost," but it's often overshadowed by flashier hook-ups. Sure, Kate and Sawyer are hot. But for the teary-eyed pleasure of watching two characters in love falling apart and coming together again, it's hard to beat the South Korean husband-and-wife castaways, Sun and Jin Kwon.
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March 9, 2006

Lost' actress finds power in the 'Hills'


First impressions can be deceiving. Especially in the case of "Lost's" Emilie de Ravin.

Scurrying into a coffee bar in Toluca Lake 20 minutes late — De Ravin was stuck in traffic — the actress seems fragile, almost waiflike. Tiny — she's 5-feet-2 — the 24-year-old Australian has that same gamin quality of the young Audrey Hepburn or Leslie Caron. Just like those two legendary performers, De Ravin was also a ballet dancer.
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“Lost” TV destination line up in New America 2006 Programme
The Pacific Islands of Hawaii - which star as the setting for the popular TV series Lost - now, plays a leading role in Travel City Direct’s new America 2006 brochure.
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March 10, 2006

Exclusive Interview: Emilie de Ravin


Although the gorgeous Australian's star rose quickly in Hollywood by landing a role as the pregnant plane crash survivor Claire on "Lost" (ABC, 2004 - ) after playing only two other roles in the United States, the path of the beautiful blonde Aussie starlet was one of careful study.
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MacArthur, Nabors donate items for Hawaii Theatre sale
EVANGELINE LILLY of "Lost" is featured in this month's Esquire Magazine in a four-page photo and question-and-answer spread.
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March 13, 2006

Evangeline Lilly, carpet, and you!


Wow, LOST must pay terrible because Evangeline Lilly is taking anything that comes her way. I mean, I've heard of celebrities endorsing cars, watches, even clothing lines. But designer carpet? Well I suppose there's a first for everything and she has already lent her name to a telephone dating service.
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'Lost' actress plans wedding
Lost star Emilie De Ravin has confirmed that she wants to get married this year.
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March 14, 2006

Madonna, Guy growing apart


Tensions on the set of Lost are creating problems for producers. British star Dominic Monahan and Canadian Evangeline Lilly have fallen in love and are being accused of getting special treatment.
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Look away now
(If you don't want to know what happens next in Lost)
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March 15, 2006

'Lost' actress was lost in space on 'Babylon 5'


Q: Ever since Mira Furlan appeared as the mad French woman on Lost, I have been going nuts trying to remember where I have seen her before. Perhaps on one of the Star Trek series?
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TV series shake up status quo
Consider "24," which did away with sweet, shabby Edgar by locking him out of CTU's gas-free conference room. Or "Lost,"...
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You are killing us!
Who's next? There's no telling as fan favorites on hit shows are felled.
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