February 24, 2006

Lost star to play Harry Knowles?


“Lost” star Jorge Garcia – he’s the adorable jelly-jugs, Hurley – is set to play Aint it Cool News’ Harry Knowles in the film “Fanboys”.
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Lost's Jorge Garcia has revealed that he's lost almost 14 kilograms. Read More
The Broadway producer accused of being "sexually obsessive" was particularly smitten with hunky young "Lost" actor Ian Somerhalder, whom she constantly discussed inappropriately, a former co-producer said.
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February 27, 2006

Before Daniel Dae Kim Got "Lost"


Daniel Dae Kim has become a household name in the last two years. He plays Jin-Soo Kwon on the multiple Emmy Award winning series "Lost". Despite his fame, he hasn't forgotten about his roots which are right in our backyard.
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Lost world rediscovered
The Good Doctor - Jack Sheppard (Matthew Fox): Jack is the hero - a calming figure who has somewhat reluctantly become the leader of the stranded survivors.
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February 28, 2006

Art imitates art in 'Lost' mystery novel


Remember that manuscript Hurley was reading on the Feb. 8 episode of "Lost"? Come May 2, fans can read it too.

Left behind by ill-fated Oceanic Air Flight 815 passenger Gary Troup, the novel will be released as a real book by ABC sister company Hyperion Books. Penned by an as-yet-unnamed well-known mystery writer, "Bad Twin" revolves around a PI hired by a wealthy heir to find his ne'er-do-well brother.
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Jorge Garcia Loses 30 Pounds for 'Lost'
Lost star Jorge Garcia has shed a sixth of his bodyweight after TV viewers complained his portly frame didn't mesh with the castaway storyline.
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March 1, 2006



LOST star MATTHEW FOX dramatically shaved all of this hair off the minute his TV series PARTY OF FIVE ended, because he desperately wanted to leave his pretty boy image behind..
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Lost but not desperate on a desert island'
I was watching the tube recently and the networks were running promos for all new episodes of “Survivor” and “Lost.” I don’t watch the shows so I can’t tell you anything about them.
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March 2, 2006

Lost Star Quit For 18 Month Party


Lost' star Dominic Monaghan quit acting for 18 months - after going on a drink and drugs binge. The heartthrob actor - who plays junkie Charlie in the hit show - didn't have a job for months after starring in the 'Lord Of The Rings' trilogy.
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Jorge Garcia: By the Numbers'
When asked about his status as a fan favorite, Garcia replies, “I think there’s a cool aspect to the fact that Hurley isn’t being a villain or a hero. He’s just a regular guy. I think that has an appeal to it.”
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March 3, 2006

Fetal Attraction


On Lost, Claire starts to remember what happened when she was pregnant and kidnapped by the Others; plus, Henry Gale messes with Locke's head by Scott Brown
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The Last Day of Sweeps!! The Last LOST Till March 22!! All Is Revealed by … EW??'
In a nutshell, Jensen believes the Dharma Initiative accidentally created a monster. A “potent disembodied being” (kinda like “The Ring’s” Samara Morgan, in my view).
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March 6, 2006

The Lost TV Monster

Lost season1

ABC's Lost isn't merely a hit TV series. It's the engine driving a vast product and promotional enterprise that's a model for TV's future. Here are just some of the ways that the show is available in cyberspace and beyond.
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Lost thrills
One wonders what new plot twists the writers behind Lost are cooking up for the second season of this award-winning show. Well, we don’t have to be at a loss for much longer. Season two of Lost premieres on AXN tonight with a two-hour episode at 10pm and it promises to be a gripping show.
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