Neil Hopkins played the role of Liam Pace, Charlie Pace's older brother.


Hopkins was born in New Jersey. At a young age he moved to Colorado where he attended Regis Jesuit High School, class of 1995 followed by the College of Holy Cross in Massachusetts until 1999. Hopkins graduated in 2002 from the American Conservatory Theater's MFA program. He also portrayed the role of Jeremy Davidson on the TV show NCIS in "Forced Entry".


  • Hopkins is 6'1"
  • When he read for the part of Liam Pace for casting director April Webster, Hopkins, an American, presented himself as English. The casting call requested only British actors, and Hopkins felt if they heard his American accent first, they would be less inclined to cast him. [1]
  • Hopkins is known for his Christopher Walken impersonation, which he has performed in Walkentalk (2003) and My Big Fat Independent Movie (2005).
  • Hopkins also is a singer and trained theater actor.

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