"Navel Gazing" is an orchestral piece on the Season 1 soundtrack. It plays when Kate and Sawyer go swimming. The album recording differs to the one used in the episode.

Scene description

Kate is in a tree picking fruit. She climbs down and a noise behind her scares her. She throws a rock at the source. It's Sawyer. He groans in pain but continues along with her.

The two discover the waterfall, and Sawyer convinces Kate to go swimming. They discover seats from the plane below the water, with the passengers still strapped in.

Title significance

Coaxing her to swim, Sawyer refers to Kate as "some sort of navel-gazing no-fun mopey type." "Navel Gazing" also plays with the word "naval." It refers to examining water, as Kate and Sawyer end up doing.


"Navel Gazing" incorporates the series's main theme.

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