Narjiss is the desk clerk of local hotel Oasis of Palace in Tozeur, Tunisia.

As Ben journeyed into Tunisia after subduing the two Bedouins, he asked Narjiss for a room at the hotel, telling her he was "preferred guest" Dean Moriarty. Narjiss, upon seeing the name in the register, looked uneasy or possibly scared. However, she still gave Ben the key to the room. She then verified the date as October 24, 2005, confused as to why Ben did not know the year. ("The Shape of Things to Come")


  • Casting called for an African (Tunisian), female, any age, French-speaking. Cold to some guests, but gracious to the wealthy. Must have a British or French accent. Co-star.
  • Was credited as "Tunisian desk clerk" 1, but her name was revealed on her nametag.
  • The name of the hotel she worked at can be seen written above her name on the nametag she was wearing. Although the Arabic scripts are erroneous, as the letters are not connected as they should be, when connected together, it reads قصر من آلوآحة, which translated to English is Oasis of Palace. This is a reference of Tozeur, the city where the hotel is located, as it is an oasis.