"Naomi Phone Home" is an orchestral piece on the Season 3 soundtrack. It plays when Jack talks to the freighter by phone.

Scene description

Right after Danielle has switched off her distress signal, Naomi tiries to make a call on her satellite phone. She goes outside the radio tower to increase the signal. Ben warns Jack to stop her, but he does not. As soon as the phone establishes a connection, Naomi falls to the ground. Locke has thrown a knife into her back.

The phone begins ringing, but Locke warns Jack not to pick it up. He fires a warning shot, and Ben encourages him to shoot Jack until Danielle knocks him on the head. Jack stares Locke down and answers the phone. He identifies himself to Minkowski on the other end, who tells him that he's about to rescue the survivors.


The piece begins with the mystery counterpoint followed by the mystery theme and the main theme.

Locke's mystery theme starts a second movement, before moving into his first theme. This is followed by a suspense motif and the departure theme.

Title significance

The piece's title references the tagline from the movie E.T.: "E.T., phone home."

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