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Naomi Dorrit developed several relationships over the course of the series.


Desmond and Naomi
First Episode: "Catch-22"
Origin: When Naomi parachuted to the island and was injured, Desmond helped get her down from the tree and he attended to her when she was dying from being stabbed by a branch.
Since Then:


Jack and Naomi
First Episode: "The Brig"
Origin: After Naomi parachuted to the island and was saved by Mikhail, Desmond, Jin, Charlie and Hugo kept her a secret from Jack. But Kate, concerned about her injuries, told Jack.
Since Then: Jack witnessed Locke kill Naomi, which made his conflict with John even worse.


Naomi and Matthew
First Episode: "Confirmed Dead"
Origin: Matthew recruited Naomi to accompany Miles, Frank, Daniel and Charlotte whilst they were on the freighter. He assured her there were no survivors of OceanicFlight815
Since Then:
4x02 AbaddonNaomi.jpg


Miles and Naomi
First Episode: "Some Like it Hoth"
Origin: Naomi came to Miles because of his psychic abilities and she told him that her employer, Charles Widmore wanted to use Miles special abilities.
Since Then: Miles acted as though he didn't know Naomi very well on the Island. He talked to her body post-death and learned that she was murdered by Locke. "She was hot and I dug her accent" was the extent of his sentiments for her death.
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