N.D. survivor is a middle section survivor of Oceanic Flight 815. She is an unnamed survivor credited as "N.D. survivor". "N.D." is casting shorthand for "nondescript".

Before the Crash

N.D. survivor is seen at Sydney Aiport talking to another man, as Jin waits as Jack argues with the ticket agent regarding the coffin. ("House of the Rising Sun")

On the Island

Season 1 (Days 1-44)


N.D. survivor helps the injured. ("Pilot, Part 1")

N.D. survivor is seen during the initial aftermath of the crash, and is seen holding her ears. She is then one of the many who helped the injured directly after the crash. N.D. survivor joined others that night to hear the roars and sounds of the Monster emanating from within the jungle. When the signal party return to the beach, N.D. survivor and the other survivors listen to Sayid's speech. ("Pilot, Part 1") ("Tabula Rasa")

N.D. survivor proved herself helpful during the first days after the crash by helping Claire and other survivors sort wallets and other possession which were strewn across the beach. Later she was present at the funeral for crash victims. The next day she with the camp saw a woman drowning in the sea. At night N.D. survivor listen to Jack make his "live together, die alone" speech. ("Walkabout") ("White Rabbit")

The next day she witnessed Jin deliver a beating to Michael seeing him wearing the Rolex Watch. She later decides not to live at the caves and makes camp at the beach. ("House of the Rising Sun")

She helped hes fellow survivors gather the luggage that was drifting into the water when it was floating into the ocean when the tide suddenly shifted. N.D. survivor joined the camp that night as they moved down the camp to their new home. ("Whatever the Case May Be")


N.D. survivor. ("Do No Harm")

When Walt sets fire to the raft, Michael blames Jin and deliverss a beating to Jin. N.D survivor witnessed it with many other people. She was present with the entire camp when Claire showed her newborn son to the camp. The next day she atteneded Boone's funeral and then witnessed the return of Locke who claimed responsibility for the accident, and was attacked by Jack. ("...In Translation") ("Do No Harm") ("The Greater Good")

A few days later, she along with all those around her at the raft saw the Black Smoke coming from across the island, signaling the approach of The Others. N.D. survivor was present for the official launching of the raft. Soon after Sayid lend her and some other survivors to the caves. ("Exodus, Part 1") ("Exodus, Part 2")

Season 2 (Days 44-67)


Charlie re-assures N.D. survivor. ("Man of Science, Man of Faith")

While hiding at the caves, when Danielle Rousseau arrived at the camp to deliver a dire threat about the coming of The Others, N.D talks to Charlie in the caves about the Others. Charlie re-assures her that the Others aren't coming, and that Rousseau lit the fire herself. After she listens to Jack's speech and is later seen sitting talking to another man. ("Man of Science, Man of Faith") ("Adrift")

At the beach on the day that Hurley passed out the food from the hatch to the group, she join her fellow survivors in the partaking of the food that night, and thanked Hurley for doing what he did. N.D. survivor also attened Shannon's funeral. ("Everybody Hates Hugo") ("What Kate Did")

She also listened to Sawyer's speech about how he conned the whole group. A few days later she is seen as Ana Lucia approached Sayid, who was building a dining table with Charlie. ("The Long Con") ("The Whole Truth")

N.D. survivor held her ears during the discharge and helped clean up the resulting debris. ("Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1")

Season 3 (Day 76)

N.D. survivor was one of many survivors who rushed to welcome back Kate and Sawyer when they arrived back on the beach after escaping from the Others' encampment. ("Tricia Tanaka Is Dead")

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